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OPPO OPDV971H Firmware Any Out There ?

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Does anyone know if there is any other firmware out there for the
discontinued OPPO OPDV971H besides the Version:
MVer: Batch: 11-0830
Category: Minor Update
Release Date: September 21, 2006

Known as Firmware_971h-f-0316(2).iso

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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The only place that I know of for sure that would have the lastest firmware updates is OPPO itself. or call their #650-961-1118

They are very helpful on the phone. Luckily I live about 1 hr. away from there office & went in & just picked up mine myself.

I also have the OPDV971H myself, have never dowloaded any updates myself.

Man I just went on their site & saw some very nice players on there.

Gonna have to look at getting another one maybe.

Have been very happy w/ OPPO so far.

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Why do you want to upgrade the firmware
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