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my psp iso game is in 3 parts do i create a folder and then put all the parts in there?or do i just put the parts in the folder PSP ISO
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right first of all there are so many posts like this have a quick search doesnt take long. 0_< not to be nasty

right do you have winrar if not google it and download it

next open one of the parts inside should be a iso/cso somewhere.

next extract the iso/cso from the file (drag it out to the desktop or where ever you want to put it)

next copy it to your psp iso folder and your done

hope that helps 0_<

kk thx so i just copy all the parts to the iso folder but won't that make it three games
right you need to extract the iso from the 3 parts.

winrar is one of the best file compressers out there and it can do one amazing thing that others like zip cant which is split the file up into parts to make it more compressed. it works so well iv got a game that is 300mb in a parts and when extracted it will be 1.5gb so its a very good system.

so open one file up with winrar extract the file in there like copy it to the desktop. (if it is a iso it will show up as a rar file do not open and extract it any more because winrar can open iso files if associated with iso file type) then copy the file you have to the iso folder and start playing the game.

hope that helps

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