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Unlocking the Security Code for Nokia 6070

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Hi there!!

Does anyone know how to do this??

I forgot my security code & I can't access my phone memory to save numbers in it. The phone is a Nokia 6070.

Pls help...
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IMEI *#06# check the compliance plate under the battery.
Wat's IMEI??
Originally posted by jamietan:
Wat's IMEI??
All mobile phones are assigned a unique 15 digit IMEI code number upon production.

The IMEI number can be displayed on most mobile handsets by dialling *#06# Otherwise check the compliance plate under the battery.
Ok, I got the 15 digit number...what's the next step?
To make the unlock code i need all info..........

Nokia Model- ?????
IMEI# Number- ??????
Country the phone is locked - ????
Network the phone is locked to - ?????

Capisci - ???
Nokia MOdel is Nokia 6070
IMEI - 354812016663254
It's a Singapore network called M1
the phone is from Singapore

Remove Your Sim Card, Power The Phone On
Press # From The (Insert Sim) Screen
Enter codes WITHOUT spaces.
Press * 3 times fast for (p)
Press * 4 times fast for (w)
Press * 2 times fast for (+)
Verify code before pressing the last #(No Private Messages Please)

I followed your steps but it still says code error...
did I miss out anything??
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