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XBMC no internet connection

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I'm having a problem with my internet connection.I installed my original xbox wireless adapter (MN-740). I installed the adaptor with the disk that came with it, and it said I am connected to my wireless linksys router. But at the system info, network settings t says it's not connected. And when I try to use programs like apple movie trailers none of the trailers will play. the JOOnx program won't play any movies. I can't connect to any servers to play itunes or shoutcast. Youtube movies will attempt to load but wil play only 1-10 seconds of the clip. I checked the IP addresses and they appear fine, as well as the default gateway and DN address. Any ideas on what my problem may be. I just want to try out some of these programs that I have with my XBMC.
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In case this helps my
DNS primary:
DNS secondary:

And the router is set to DHCP
I too have had problems, lots of problems with using the Xbox Wireless Adaptor. It seemed to work well for about a week or two, but for the last few months, I can't get a connection at all. I essentially have been delegated to using the Xbox for a DVD player only.

I boot into the original Xbox dash, go in to my network settings and everything is a-okay. I am using a static IP address though. DHCP doesn't make a difference. I'm also using WEP 128 encryption.

We likely have the same issue. I also found it odd that you can't set wireless adaptor settings within XBMC and have to do this within the original Xbox dash. I'm also using an older verison of XBMC, so perhaps this has changed recently.
I had similar troubles when I may be the dhcp giving you trouble. Try setting up static ip addresses for everything...take a look at this thread

Hope it helps
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More likely a router/dns problem.

With a broadband connection (always on) the dns settings are usually automatically assigned by your isp as a function of the service. This means that your hardware should have no settings for dns as they will be obtained automatically in the same way as the ip through dhcp (I don't know what my isp-dns numbers are)

If you are booting a modded dash then any settings made in the xbox M$ dash are immaterial.. They have nothing to do with anything unless you boot stock. XBMC has it's own settings which you should look at carefully. Your xbox should exist on the network and be seen by your router under the same ip as listed in the dash. You should be able to ping the xbox ip from any other machine on the network and get a response. If you have started to set up the router/network with static ip's you will need to follow that through and assign a static ip to every machine on your local network and disable dhcp completely.

The other thing to check is... Most routers have a set number of ip's they can assign.. Most by default are set to assign the first 38 ( in which case 101 is very high.. it can be changed often in the router setup admin screens.

Now we get into a grey area of wep keys and stuff.. If your router is using wep etc locking it is very possible your xbox can't deal with it.. If that is the case you may have to use a wire to connect the xbox to another pc and then use that pc as a wireless share to pass the connection on. Things have changed since the xbox wireless things were made.

Don't ask me tho.. I do industrial networks of hundreds of machines all wired.
i had problems connecting directly to my router
so i got a crossover cable and plugged into my
pc which is wireless, share the connection set
a static ip on the NIC and on the xbox. here
are my setting as an example.


works lovely, Can browse the web with the box
and stream movies, music from PC to same. also
using xconnect on PC to play multiplayer games
online.i think the only thing that doesn't work
is the weather report on XBMC but im not really
worried about that.

hope that helps anyway.

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