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Download limit exceeded on megaupload

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Im trying to download a game from pspiso, its 5 parts but when I try to get part 4 megaupload gives me "Download limit exceeded"
Is there a way around this? Like a file grabber?
Ive tried using a proxy server but I cant click free download because it says something about javascript.
Any Ideas.
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Do you have a dynamic I.P?
Nah you can just wait till tomorrow or if you aren't patient.

-Change your Ip address :)
-Use Megafast (search google)
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Nah, ive got a static IP. Ive got a router set up properly finally, another pc that uses the router and a PS3 aswell, so I dont really wanna mess around with the IP settings.
Ill try what you said Deathtord, but if I download normally until I get download limit exceeded, can I go on megafast and stil get the 3 premium download links?
Thanks for the help by the way.
Closed - let's not start threads on how to beat the system.

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