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How To Convert Series DVDs (Multi VOB Files) Into Single File AVIs

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I've come across DVDs with multiple spisodes of the same show. I've tried using WinAVI, DVDFab Plat 4, FairUse Wizard 2 and Ashampoo Shrink & Burn 3 to convert the DVD files into a single avi file around 700mb but with no success. I've tried using Fast AVI MPEG Joiner after converting individual episodes but it's really impracticable. Anyone have any solutions on how to convert a multi ep DVD into a single avi around 700mb?
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I've did this with Simpsons DVD's.
I use DVD Shrink in 'Re-author' mode to select all of the episodes (typically they will be listed as 'Titles').
Run DVD Shrink and open the folder containing the ripped disk files.
Click 'Re-author' and drag the titles from right to left.
'Backup' to a new folder.

Run 'VOBMerge' and merge the relevant VOB files in the folder to one large file.

Run 'AutoGK', load the merged file and select a 'Custom' output (700MB) and wait around five hours for a new AVI file.It's best left to run overnight as it's an intensive job.

Look for the stable version.

VOBMerge will load the VOB files and allow you to put them in correct order.
VTS_01, VTS_02, etc refer to files from the same title (episode).
Thanks for your help. Even though it took 7 hours and 54 minutes to finish, it was a learning experience. That process showed me what needs to be donne to improve my video editing capabilities through trial and error. 8 hours is way too long to convert one disc so the search goes on. Thanks to you though I did find a nice piece of free software that will come in handy in the future.

Once again, thanks for your help
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