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Oblivion - HOW DO YOU LEVEL UP?!

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How can I level up??? I know i have to rest to gain them, I know I have to train my 'major skills' or whatever - but how do I do that? Do I have to go and kill something? Cast magic several times on a poor deer? (BORING!!) Bash something with a hammer!? (even worse). Honestly I just got this game and I think its the worst deicision i've ever made. The human graphics on Final Fantasy VII look better than they do on this stupid game! THEY CANT EVEN JUMP OR WALK PROPERLY!! Grrr....sorry guys. Just any help would be great? =[
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I am not ever played from the questions game but, hopefully of these from the links would be some help.
ok basically level any your major skills up by 10. e.g lets say u lvl sneak up 3 times, blade twice, destruction 5. That makes 10 levels meaning you can level up. I have the game aswell and all i do is either do lots of side quests(they are actually really fun) or i find skill books which level one of your skills instantly- there are many in the game-or you can find some npcs who train your skills for gold. But you can only ask a traner 5 times a whole level
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very close but wrong. go to your inventory and keep tabbing along till you are on the tab where your fatigue magica and health bars are located lt & rt on xbox360 now keep going along till you get to skills page NOT attributes now look at major skills then you have to train those skills. i have it on ps3 and it is boring at first but like ninja 3 said do the side quest but do all of the kvatch quest (it branches of when you get inside the chapel)thatll help you a bit after that do imperial arena, dark brotherhood and main quest. kill everything in those quest and youll come out of it level 20 or so.
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I am levil 45 on oblivion ... to levil up you have to sleep when you have a symbol on the right hand side to your cumpass. If you turn into a vampire everytime you sleep there are soluuons... be a vampire get your levils up and then get a cure. Or you can try praying at the chapel of chorrol thats what worked for me.You can also sleep in the arch mages quaters to get rid of vampirism
Man i dont see how you are having this much trouble im level 100 and i have a 6 year old neice that level 78 and if she can do it im fucking sure you can just relax and try to read the freakin book thats why they make them for people that cant seem to understand the game and to the other dude with the turn into a vampire and you get your levels up quicker there right it dose so that was i nice bit of a starter tip...
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