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Hi All, i hope you can help me with this...
im using dvdlab v1.3.... i can create a motion menu with no problems... but when i add the audio to the background and play the final dvd the audio only plays for the same amount of time as my motion there a way around this or do you reckon its easier to just find out how lond the audio is and encode the motion menu for the same amount of time? please help.

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Well I"m sure that this isn"t a Bug But suposed to be Like this...and you are Right when useing Motion Menu"s the Video and audio have to Match in Durration ,You can allways use a Video editor and Make the Audio Longer and /Or Loop it so it is Longer which is what I do or I use a Piece of Video for a Motion menu that has it"s own Audio Track....

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fallguy26 Suspended due non-functional email address
Yeah Like a trailer or something....excellent idea....thanks minion....

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