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Snes station on USB Flash drive

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im a newbie to all this.I have the old ps2 model with a hdrive and a memory card exploit so it loads the screen where it has file browsing and etc...well anyway i have a 1gb flash drive and i loaded snes station along with roms.well the snes station loaded fine but its not reading the roms for some i tried burning the roms on to a cd-r and try to play it that way but it tells me theres no roms on the cd??? Can somebody please help me??????
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I have encountered the same problem before. I put the snes elf and a bunch of ROMS in a flash drive and while i can boot the emu just find its just not finding the ROMS. I assume it was because of the compatibility of the snes station to the flash drive because when i tried on a different usb device it manage to load the ROMS just fine.

I never tried burning ROMS on CD-rs but IIRC you need to burn as data CD.
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yea i burned it as a data cd but still didnt you think i should format it to fat32??? you think that might work.Or should i just buy a new flash drive all together.and can you tell me the one to get.thanks for your help
Before that, how about you try a different version of Snes-station elf!? In sksapps i see 5 versions of snes you can try one or the other.

I use Sandisk and a usb external hardisk to load roms. The kingston flash drive is the one not working with the snes.

And i never tried formating any flashdrive but do let me know how that goes for you, i may try it.
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Dude thanks alot!!!!!!that website you told me to go to had an elf file that was made for the usb flash drive.after i replaced the original one with the new one the roms booted right up.But the only prob now is that the games play on only have of my screen and the other half shows Snes station.I think its because im playing it on a Hd tv and its not compatiable or something.i have the Hd hook up for my ps2 but im goin to buy just regular ones and hook up to my other tv.i hope thats the problem.But any way thanks again
Thats easily solve by going to the options of snes-station. At the menu press triangle for options and select calibrate screen. Adjust it to anyway you want. If you let save and load to your memory card you wont have to adjust it everytime you use snes.
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see thats the problem.Snes station fits to the screen perfectly.its just when i play a game it plays on half of the screen and the other half shows snes station.when i try to calibrat it it only lets me do it to only half of that screen it wont strech out or anything.
Sorry i cant help. I dont have HDTV. ;(
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yea as i thought it was the tv.i got regular cords for the ps2 and hooked it up to my 22 inch tv and everything was fine.thanks alot man for putting up with me
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