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rustix Suspended due non-functional email address
Hi everbody

im asking for someone to please help me with the master code of my nokia 2630 (RM-298) i cant remember my security code please

my imei number is 359559013487386

thanks with regards
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Plz help me!!!!
I've forgotten the security code of MY phone
which is Nokia 2630
The IMEI no. is 356997/01/917879/4
& type is RM-298
rustix Suspended due non-functional email address
hi just put your imei number in a calculater and it comes up with the number 5514411677 and it says this code will reset any security code on your phone to one of your choice hope this helps but you can try at your own risk cheer nobbzee
HELP ....

My call is Nokia 2630
Forgotten phone security code ...
IMEI: 352066/02/533601/2

You will have to call your network for assistance - nothing we can do!
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