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Chat with users live

You can chat with other users on our IRC channel, even if you don't know how to use an IRC client.

We are located at...


Channel: #afterdawn

If you do not know how to use mIRC or other IRC tools then chat with us using your web browser at

If you would like to learn how to use IRC clients properly, then check this guide... How to connect to the AfterDawn IRC Channel

Simple Rules!!

1. Don't be a nuisance, or you'll be banned.
2. File servers and XDCC bots are not allowed.
3. Absolutely no requesting or trading anything illegal is allowed.
4. Don't harass people for help. Most regulars of the channel have full time jobs and family life, which means they spent a lot of time idling. If you need help, be patient.
5. Have fun!
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