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FS: 2004(54) Ford Fiesta 1.4 Black ST Replica, St.Helens, Merseyside

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For sale is my 2004 (54) Ford Fiesta 1.4 ST Replica.
It is black, 17" ST Alloys, ST Body kit (ST Spoiler, ST Bumpers)

It is in immaculate condition, well looked after and cleaned once a week (You will beleive when you see it for yourself)

I am the second owner, it has done 32,800 miles (give or take a couple) Genuine reason for sale, i have bought a newer astra :-)

The asking price is 5,000. This is a reasonable price, The rules say no1 can bid (as this isnt ebay haha) so OFFERS are welcome but please do not try anything silly, If you want to contact me then PM me for my email address or phone number (as the rules say cannot post)

Any pictures are available, PM me for a site that i have put it for sale on (Again, cannot post in the thread) You will not beleive how mint this car is, if it wasnt for me getting my claim through i wouldnt be getting rid of it. But it has to go now as i have got a new car :-D

No p/x available, no scams, tyre kickers etc.

Pick up only cash on collection in the st.helens area in merseyside

Near wigan, warrington, liverpool, manchester etc.

I am a sensible owner and i will not take any daft offers.

Hope you guys are interested, ill try and get a piccy up if this site will let me :-D

xbox360 (LT+ 2.0) - revo r3610 (xbmc 11) - vu+ duo - 2x skybox f3
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There you go! Hope you guys like!

PS i Forgot to mention, the reg plate is no included as it was a birthday present! Sorry to all the mikes out there that maybe interested lol :-)

xbox360 (LT+ 2.0) - revo r3610 (xbmc 11) - vu+ duo - 2x skybox f3
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