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how to play image file games

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i downloaded a image file game off of bit torrent i have no clue how to make it play.
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you need to get a programs like Alcohol or DAEMON Tools
once you have 1 or both of the programs follow the steps
1-install daemon tools or alcohol(it will ask you 2 restart at the end)
2-if daemon tools it will start on start-up in the bottom right -if alcohol start it as a normal program
3-daemon tools_left click and virtual cd/dvd_rom then select 1 drive that will create a virtual drive on your pc-alcohol_(you know what just stick with daemon tool ill tell you how to use alcohol if you need it just send me a message on this)
4-go to your My Computer there should be another drive there left click it and mount image find the image you downloaded and your done
ps if there is 2 or more images just mount the 2nd 1 when it asks 2 cd 2

Burn it to a disc using infra recorder. A pc game wiill require a crack. Discussion of cracks is forbidden in this forum.
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