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Demonoid down???

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Hey guys.

New on here...

Anyone else not able to access Demonoid? I get a standard Page Load Error...

I am connecting from Japan, by the way.

Let me know!
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I just checked, everything ok from here in Canada.
It's working fine

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Working fine in U.S.
yes but is it really demonoid? or a FBI sting site?
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corn Suspended due non-functional email address
Uhm.. I'm guessing its Demonoid? Been downloading for awhile, and no emails. So It's Demonoid.
Since a few days, I constantly get a "HTTP 500 Internal Server Error" when I try to connect to Demonoid. At first I could access trough a proxy, but even that doesn't work anymore.

Anybody else having these problems lately?

Greetz Deznaj
It's fine, but i'm wondering if it's been infiltrated and some square-jawed industry suits are sitting watching the torrent stats go by :P

Main PC ~ Intel C2Q Q6600 (G0 Stepping)/Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3/2GB Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500/Zalman CNPS9700/Antec 900/Corsair HX 620W
Network ~ DD-WRT ~ 2node WDS-WPA2/AES ~ Buffalo WHR-G54S. 3node WPA2/AES ~ WRT54GS v6 (inc. WEP BSSID), WRT54G v2, WRT54G2 v1. *** Forum Rules ***
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I'm with you there creakster.. I hit a really old swarm last night and my blocklists filled up real quick. That's not usual at all... It's nothing you would think they would be watching.

Think I need to query the admin ;)
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It's not that far fetched--- the recent movie Untraceable had an excellent example of the "games" the FBI or Interpol could easily do-- the clone the whole old Dem****d site-- then embed -- backdoor Trojans in several torrents-- then obtain the domain--

set back and track and record all the activity.

I just hate the new Norton anti-virus-- calls all the keygens & cracks--
trojan horses. ( or has anyone else noticed a monumental increase in "dirty" and "infected" torrents being tracked- available at Dem****d? The old site was pretty much clean stuff-- compared to today.
Still can't access Demonoid, although a proxy works.

I'm having these problems since they 'upgrades their servers' a week of 2 ago.

Greetz Deznaj
In my situation, about 6 weeks ago IE7 blocked demonoid as a restricted site. when i tried to find it in security settings, it wasn't there...i tried to add it to my trusted sites, but wouldn't allow.
This was soon after i ul'd a torrent and got swarmed with an unusual amount of activity (like hundreds of hits in less than an hr.)A few helpful noiders said the torrent was most likely poisoned by the MAFIAA..I immediately removed it. Within hrs. couldn't access demonoid...after several queries it was suggested use firefox.

Switched and demonoid came back up, tho i lost all my private mail..hmmm. Tried to access again with IE7 to see if things have changed, but no go.

So, if ya haven't already, you could try switching to firefox.

As for demonoid being a spy site, IMO it's selectively monitored, (aren't all bit torrent users?) the swarm on choice pre or new releases or popular uploads..look at the torrent to target file ratios. If they are way off....that's when i would be concerned if your ul'ing. check those ip addresses in the swarm. I tried peer guardian for awhile, but it blocked everything else..and was crashing intermittently. It is spooky how many bogus ip addresses were from recording industries..

Jeez, it's not like demonoid is a super secret top site, though the covert behavior at times of some gives that paranoid feel...
Also, people don't leave a lot of comments, the forum is offsite, and the # of snatch and grabbers has increased dramatically. Available content has decreased by almost half of last yr.

When it came back up someone on here commented only time would tell if demonoid would make it. They had a unique nitch and were down so long members wandered around and found other communities. That was a valid insight..and w/out the forums being easily available, well, the community spirit is diminished...The free for all that makes PB what it is, doesn't need to be duplicated...bottom line, if they can get it faster there...hello?
It's the offbeat, hard to find, eclectic stuff that made demonoid stand out. On the upside, the interest in lossless formats has increased and there's a niche for that.
But throttled speeds, paying for bandwidth, large files and a smaller community...Tough call...Noid needs to pull together and decide what it wants to be in this dwindling market.

Been meaning to post here for awhile. This thread caught my eye and I wanted to offer a long winded suggestion for the poster, and vent.

so, many thanks. and good luck.
Firefox also allows proxy surfing which will drop you back to dial up speeds but you will not be traced or blocked.

I stopped my automatic updates. I trust hackers more than MS.
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