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PS2 HDLoader Install

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Hay there I have a Fat PS2, and I want to get my copy of HDLoader onto it.

I currently have a comptiable harddrive, an offical Sony Network adaptor, and an .iso rip of HDLoader. From my understanding the PS2 has a cry at anything other than an offical PS2/PSX disc, so that crosses out the whole "burn it to a DVD-R disk".

I've also read in alot of places that you may require a mod chip so that all formatts of DVD's/CD's can be reed. But I was told by the preson who does all my modding said that chipping a Fat PS2 isnt recomemended. Instead I brought a "MEMOR 32 (MOD CHIP & MEMORY CARD IN ONE)" Here is the description on them via the auction:

(Offical website for product above)

I think (not sure) that I should be able to rip the .iso to a DVD-R but then I discovered this video on

Cant really make out what the hell the kid is actually doing but form what I can tell you can just put the .iso image onto the HDD via Winhiip.

All I really want to know is how do you get a copied version of HDLoader onto my PS2
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The PS2 doesn't have trouble reading burnt games if the proper methods are used. Burning to quality media, using low burn speeds, maintaining the laser, etc.

If your overall main goal is to load games off the HD. I would recommend simply loading the .ELF of HD Loader with Memor32. Otherwise you would be able to put the .iso of HDL onto the HD via WinHiip.

So wait im a little confused. I can simply just put the .iso onto the hdd when I use Winhiip or no? Also what would I need to do to get this running? Thanks heaps
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Well Winhiip will get the .iso on there but you probably won't be able to load it as is. In order to load directly from the HDL on the HD you will need a modchip that has DEV2 support.

Ok! Awsome, now im getting somewhere. Does the argh memory card im buying have Dev2 to be able to load this? Also would I just burn this to a DVD then run it under the mod chip? Thanks
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You are in luck, according to this review of the memento FW, HDL will run under DEV2 mode.

Look under 'Usage - DEV.olution Modes'

Burning HDL to DVD would work as would booting the .ELF of HDL through the DEV modes.

ok thanks a bunch man! But im still SUPER newb at this. As far as I can tell I should be able to play both backups, and running HDL. All I need to know now is a step-by-step guide on doing this. Sorry to nag but I've checked all over the internet and cant find a similar setup to what I want. Thanks again :)
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What all is it you want to do?

I want to get HDL onto my hdd, so that I can run both HDL or run my Memor32 applications to run DVD backs. I want to be able to run both of these applications. So if I had the Memor32 card in it will run that and if it wasnt in it would run HDL
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Well you won't ever be able to run HDL off the HD without memor32. You would need a modchip (with DEV2 support) to do that. You could install an exploit and make is so that when you run a PSX game HDL runs. This would be able to function without memor32.


i have a few questions and i hope someone can help me with this.

i have a ps2 v11 with a hdd of 120gb (formatted wit winhiip) in it connected with my networkadapter.
i don't have a modchip in my ps2, but i have downloaded a version of HDloader.

now i was wondering how could i play my games from hdd without using a modship.
you either need a real copy (not downloaded) of swapmagic to boot your hdloader disc, or do the memory card exploit.

a copied version of hdloader WILL NOT WORK. if you have no way of booting copied discs, then it won't work.

ps2: v7 scph-39001 - independence exploit - hdloader 0.8c - maxtor 300gb hdd
(+[__]%) psp slim ta-085v1: 6.60 PRO B10
wii (powered by bootmii/priiloader): 4.1u - d2x v10beta53-alt (base 56) - configurable usb loader v70r51/devolution r188 - wd scorpio black 7200rpm 320gig w/ ams venus ds2 enclosure

got a whole lot more to list . . .
i do wanted to buy a real copy of hdloader/hdadvance but someone told me you could just download it.

will it work if i use a real cd of hdadvance.

if this doesn't work: i've read in other forums something about memor32 is this the memory card exploit you are talking about?

i'm sorry but i'm a noob in this sort of things so any help will be welcome
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Real CD of HDAdvance will work but its compatibility isn't as high as HDL.
Memor32 will get the job done, but it's kind of expensive ($50 or so). A PSX game would be much cheaper and would also boot HDL (via exploit).

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