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Converting VOB files to AVI with VirtualDub

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I have copied into my hard disk a DVD of over 8 GB. So now I have it in a folder consistig of Video_TS and AUdio_TS.
I would like to convert the above - if possible with VirtualDub - to one AVI file which I could burn into a regular DVD disk (i.e. of 4.7 GB).
I understand that the VOB files are actually mpeg files, and that if I change their extentions to mpeg I could convert them with VirtualDub into AVI (I don't care about the subtitles). Am I right ? and if so, which of the VOB files do I have to "import" into VirtualDub (there are 11) ?
Thanks in advance
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With the current version of VirtualDub (and the required plugins) you would start by selecting the first VOB file of the title from the 'VIDEO_TS' folder.
Typically this would be 'VTS_01_1.VOB'

Note the 'Extended Options' and 'Linked Segments' boxes - this allows all relevant VOB files to be loaded.

After the files are loaded, you may be asked to select the preferred audio track.
In addition to VirtualDub, the following plugins are required:

MPEG2 plugin:copy to the 'Plugins32' folder located in the VirtualDub folder (create the folder if it does not exist)..

AC3 codec:install in the system by right clicking the .inf file and choose 'install'.

VirtualDub requires that the XviD or DivX codecs be installed in the system - to compress and save the video as AVI.

To compress the file, click 'Video' 'Full Processing Mode' 'Compressor' and select the codec (XviD typically) then 'File' 'Save as AVI'.

Hi Attar and meny thanks for your prompt answer.
Well, I have downloaded and installed the MPEG2 plugin & AC3 and verified that I have in my PC the Xvid Codec. Next I loaded into VirtualDub 1.7.7 the VTS_01_1.Vob file, and - at that point - there appeared a wibdow entitled "MPEG-2 Plugin Options" with the following 4 options - non of them checked : "Open multiple VOB files as one file", "Create an index file (filname) midx", Allow "Direct Stream Copy" of MPEG audio" and "Use "matrix coefficients" volume when converting to RGB".
Since I don't know which of the 4 options to check I did not continue, and I shall appreciate if you guide me what which of those options I should check.
In addition, you are writing that after the files shal bo loaded I may be asked to select the preferred audio track. However, since the relevant Audio_TS folder is empty, how will I be able to select the "preferred audio track" ?
Thanks in advance
Choose, "Open multiple VOB files as one file".

The DVD movie 'AUDIO_TS' folder is empty - that's normal.
The audio is part of the VOB file.
You won't get prompted for audio selection until the VOB files have been loaded.
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Hi attar,
I was absent - that's why I am responding only now.
First of all, many thanks for your prompt response.
Well, I acted as suggested by you, and the result was an AVI file of 655MB (instead of the size of the DVS, which was about 8.5GB). However, something strange happend : In the DVD, when one starts to play it, after a while there appears a list from which one can select various parts of it (i.e. of the DVD). In the AVI file the part that enables such selection as well as some of the selectable parts are missing. To enable you to help me to solve those problems, I am describing what I did :-
After opening VirtualDubp I clicked on File> Open Video and opened the folder with the list of the relevant VOB files. On that window only the "Automaticaly load..." was checked, so I checked the "Ask for extended..." too.) In the said list of VOB files there were 4 files each of 0.99 GB + several smaler-sized VOB files. I selected only the first VOB file of 0.99 GB and I pressed on "Open". There appeared the window entitled "MPEG-2 Plugin Options". I checked "Open multiple..." and pressed on OK. There appeared a window entitled "Open Multiple VOBs" showing all the "big" VOB files + one of the smal-sized VOB files. Henceo I choosed al the other smale-sized VOB files pressed on Add. In the "Multiple Audio Stream Fold" window I chosed the Dolby option and pressed OK. Next I clicked on the Video menu, verified that "Full Processing Mode" is checked and pressed on "Compression". From the list of options I selected XviD MPEG-4 Codec and pressed on OK. The last step: I pressed on the File > save as AVI and got the AVI file.
As I mentioned, unlike in the DVD, in the said avi file there is no list from which one can select various sections of the DVD.
Hence, I repeated the whole process described above, only that this time I didn't ADD the smale-sized files. The result was the same as described above (and the size of the new AVI file was the same as of the first one).
Could you, please, think of a reason for that result ?
Thanks in advance
you mean you dont have the dvd chapter selection options?

Nothing here to see, move along folks.

Unfortunately, converting the movie to AVI, you lose the menu, extras, chapter points etc.
You do have the alternative of shrinking the original DVD with 'DVD Shrink' - this can retain all of the features of the ripped DVD, but compressed to fit a standard DVD.
Hi attar and many thanks.

The size of the said DVD is about 8.5. and I would like to have it on one "regular" - i.e. 4.7 GB - DVD disk. If it's possible to shrink the DVD that much - and still getting a reasonable quality DVD - I would, of course, prefere to shrink it rtather than converting it to AVI.
Would you know which is the most current verion of "DVD Shrink" ? and could one achieve good sesults with some "older" version of "DVD Shrink".
Thanks in advance
I think the quality stands comparison with any commercial product (Nero Recode is the same program in a commercial wrapper).

DVD Shrink:
'Open Files' and locate the 'VIDEO_TS' folder.
Click 'Backup', and choose the backup target (either a new folder or an .iso image file).

Download 'IMGBurn' and burn the disk (if it's an iso, choose 'Write Image File to Disk) - on 'Verbatim' disks at 4x.

Remove all the processed files when convenient, as they eat up HD space.
on big main movie films like yours at 8gig alot here use DVD Rebuilder for compression keeping it as dvd... coupled with CCE encoder

but give dvd shrink a go on maximum sharp see how it looks on your systems. also use deep analysis in dvd shrink.
could even try a dual layer dvdr with no compression or split the dvdr into 2 dvdrs to keep quailty.
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Nothing here to see, move along folks.

Originally posted by Rotary:
on big main movie films like yours at 8gig alot here use DVD Rebuilder for compression keeping it as dvd... coupled with CCE encoder

but give dvd shrink a go on maximum sharp see how it looks on your systems. also use deep analysis in dvd shrink.
could even try a dual layer dvdr with no compression or split the dvdr into 2 dvdrs to keep quailty.

No need for CCE, HCenc that comes with the free version provides excellent results.

Looking for a new burner? Check here.
The reviews also help to determine which media gives the best results.
Hi attar and Rotary and thanks for being so propmt and helpful.

attar : Following your advise I shrinked the 8.5 GB DVD with DVD Shrink and I burned it with ImgBurn on a 4.7 GB TDK disk (simply because presently I don't have Verbatim disks). Incidentally, I like ImgBurn, however, I suppose I could burn the above with any of the popular burning programs; so I am curios why did you preferre ImgBurn? Incidentally, I used version 3.2 of DV Shrink, because version 2008 is not for free. Is the 2008 materially beter than the version 3.2?

Rotary : You suggested to give DVD Shrink a go on maximum sharp. Could you, please, tell me were in DVD Shrink can I find such an option? As to compressing big files with DVD Rebuilder : Isn't that program somewhat complicated ?

[b]attar and Rotary
: is there a way to embed into a DVD srt or sub subtitles with VirtualDub ? And, if not : is there som other not complicated way to add to a DVD such subtitles?

Thanks in advance
IMGBurn is the burning half of 'DVD Decrypter' - development of which was stopped by pressure from the same industry which tries to lead consumers around by the nose.
IMGBurn is regularly updated by the creator and is arguably the best DVD burning software available.

As to subtitles, since VirtualDub only saves in AVI format - and menu and chapters are lost - it may not be suitable.
If by 'embed' you mean 'burn in' permanent subtitles, it can.

Be aware that permanent subtitles cannot be turned off or removed.

If you have a DivX certified DVD player, you have the option of simply copying .srt format subtitles to the same disk as the AVI file and control the subtitles with the remote.

To add switchable subtitles to a DVD movie, entails demuxing the movie into elementary streams (video and audio) then muxing them together again along with .srt format subtitles - you also lose the the menu, but if you use the likes of 'DVDAuthor GUI' to mux the files, you can specify the chapter points for the new movie.

PS, DVD Shrink is freeware.Anyone trying to sell it is a scam artist.
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Hi attar and thanks again.
When I asked you about the possibility to embedd srt subtitles into DVDs, I indeed meant burning-in permanent subtitles.
Now, my version of VirtualDub is 1.7.7 and I installed the "MPEG2 vdplugin" for VirtualDub (in VirtualDub>Plugins I see the "vobsub_vd.vdf" file). I assume that's why I am able to load vob files into VirtualDub (I should add that I installed into my PC AC3ACM too). However, after loading into VirtualDub the vob files of a movie, when I tried to add srt.subtitles - in the same way I am adding subtitles to an AVI - it didn't work. Besides, even if I succeded to load the subtitles, in the "File" menu of VirtualDub I see no option to save as VOB or MPEG. Did I miss something I had to do in order to permanently burn-in srt subtitles to the VOB files I loaded ?
VirtualDub only outputs AVI and it requires a plugin filter for permanent subs.
In this case, the VOB files would be loaded, the subtitle filter selected and the subs loaded, then a video and audio compressor selected and the output saved.
Hi attar and thanks again.
It seems that I misunderstood you. Usually, when I wish to add subtitles to VOBs, I am wish to save them as such and not to convert them to AVI. I understand now that for that purpose I need some other program than VirtualDub. Could you recommend some (not too complicated)?
Thanks in advance
To add subtitles to an existing DVD, it has to be demuxed then muxed back together to create a new DVD.
This means you lose the menu, trailers, extras etc.

Demux the DVD with Rejig.
Select 'IFO' mode and 'Add' the relevant IFO (probably VTS_01_0.IFO).
Under 'Video Options' select 'Demux Video'
Select the 'Streams' that you wish to keep on the right side panel and 'Process'.

Run 'DVDAuthor GUI' and 'add title' (.m2v) and the audio (.ac3) from the Rejig output files.
Click 'Extras' and add the subtitles, e.g. a .srt file;if you wish you can add chapters before clicking 'Author DVD' to create the new files..
Hi attar and thanks for everything.

I think that, at least in the cases of movies, keeping the high quality of the pictures is more important than saving the menu, trailers, extras etc.
Hence I will try to demuxed, then muxe back etc. of a movie to see how much work it requires.
Wow, lot of techy stuff here on Videos, thanks. I was in a talent contest, and this guy video taped it for me. He sent me a dvd which, as the original poster here has stated, is in a VBO format. I want to put it on YouTube, but of course it won't accept it in it's current format. So I"m going to give all of this a whirl and see where it goes. I'll probably have my own set of questions.
I'm using a relatively new HP Desktop with Vista. Thanks againg for the invaluable dialog and help.


Life is much better when shared....
Hey thanks, I'll watch them.

Life is much better when shared....
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