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Converting CTF theme files to PTF theme files

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Hey all,
I have a Phat PSP 3.90m33-2 and PTF theme files work great for me. I have just recently got a hold of a folder full of CTF theme files and they dont work on my psp. Now instead of adding new plug-ins or software to allow CTF files, i was just wondering is it possible to convert CTF files to PTF files?

Anthing would be of help.
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not as far as i know as ctf theme hold other thing ptf only changes the icons

ctf changes all the icons and change the topmenu and the click sounds e.t.c

ctf though is flashless so no need to install anything so its not difficalt

just have a google about installing cxmb 3.1

you wont regret it ptf theme are bland and nothing impressive compared to ctf or flah0 themes

Ok great. I'll try it out. Thanks for your help.
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