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PS3 blu-ray drive dead

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My ps3's blu-ray drive died on me. Sony wouldn't honor the warranty, so I decided to take it apart and see if I could diagnose the problem. I noticed that the drive motor isn't turning at all. From my experience when a disk is inserted into a drive, even if it doesn't read the disk, the drive motor usually gives a couple of quick little movements. The laser lights up, and goes back and forth on it's shaft, just as it should, but there's no life from the drive motor. The motor seems to turn by hand fine, so it doesn't seem to be seized up in any way. Does anyone have an idea of what part of the drive is bad?
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I think your best bet is taking it to a local electronics shop and let them fix it.
Thanks for the response, but unfortunately, I own the closest thing to and electronics shop in town. I just have never seen a drive do this, so I'm looking for some advice. I tested the contacts that power the motor, and they're only briefly getting .01V briefly when the drive first starts up. I don't know if the laser unit is simply not registering a disk, and therefore not powering the motor, or if there's some sort of problem with the drive controller board. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction, before I was time or money suspecting the wrong part of the drive.
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Maybe post it in the Blu Ray forum too, never know, hopefully someone can help you.
How long have you had it for?
I've had it for less than a year, even the manufacture date on the system says sept 2007. But after a while of being on the phone with Sony, no receipt, no warranty. Either way I took matters into my own hands when Sony wouldn't help me. I've disassembled it, so the warranty is no good anyway.
oh well too late now i was going to suggest calling your credit card company if you paid by credit card or contacting the place you brought it from
Worse case scenario is that you can pay Sony $150 to repair it. I know that it sucks but it beats paying full price again.
I have the same problem, and when I talked to Sony they said that the $150 is just for them to "look" at it and that it does not come with any guarantee that it will get fixed, and that there is no warranty against the fix... so bottom line is that you pay $500 for the system plus an extra $1500 in my case for games, movies, accessories and now have to pay another $150 a year to keep getting it fixed (Ive had mine for exactly 14 months).... Seriously what the hell, Ive had and still play my original NES which Ive had for close to 20 years now and that still works. Its completely BS that it crashes just over a year by no fault of the user and all Sony does is tell you to bend over.... anybody have any suggestions? if not then thanks for listening to my venting
Well, I'm a DIY kinda guy, and sending it in to Sony would be admitting defeat on my part. I ordered a replacement laser assembly for the drive, hopefully that's the problem. I'll keep you updated. Also, on a side note, my NES is still working as well. In fact, I've never had a problem with any Nintendo product, my Wii, Gamecube, DS, and gameboy have always worked perfectly. If only M$ and Sony could match up to their quality, the gaming world would be a better place.
Im right there with you, I took a shot an ordered a PS3 repair guide from Ebay (and its a local guy so I feel better about that) and was going to try to 1st clean the lens, if that dont work then replace it, and send it to Sony as a last resort.
Try to power the motor by using 3volt batteries if you suspect that is the problem. If it runs, then the issue could be the circuit board.
You know, I tried that, but I was very much unsure of the results. I tried with 5V and 3.6V (the 2 power supplies of any sort that I had readily available at the time.) The motor wouldn't turn in any case, instead it would make one quick jolt, and then lock into place, and I was unable to turn it easily by hand with power applied. It did this regardless of how I applied the polarity. So, I thought for sure this was a problem with the motor. I wanted to make sure, so I took apart a known good DVD drive that I had lying around. The motor in it exhibited the same behavior, so I assumed the motor to be working properly.
The motors in cd/dvd/bd players if I'm not mistaken are stepper motors, the commutation is controlled by a controller card. That is how it properly regulates the rpm's. Mine just died too, which led me here. I can't tell if mine spins up or not after I put in a disk. If you take yours apart just see if it spins up the disk or not, if it doesn't then you'll know it's related to the motor.
Like I said in the first post, the motor makes no movement whatsoever. The laser will light up, and the laser unit itself moves, but disk or no disk, the motor doesn't turn in the least. New laser and motor are on the way, hopefully I can solve the problem with them rather than screwing around with the controller board.
I read somewhere else also that the laser will do a reflection test or something and won't spin up the motor if it doesn't see anything. So your motor may still be good.
YAAAAA!!! It's alive! I put in my new KEM 400AAA assembly ($45 + shipping) and it works perfectly! Sure beats paying those pricks at Sony $150. Thanks to all who replied to this post, and I hope there are others who benefit from this post.
Where did you get the drive from? and about how long did it take for you to swap it out?... looks like that is what I am going to have to do... nothing else has worked
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Ps3 rocks way better than 360
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something that happened to my friends drive....he thought it was dead opened up the ps3 drive..... and found that the little magnet behind the laser that allows for the disc to spin had come off and was actually connected to the roof of the ps3's drive!! alls he had to do was take off the little metal magnet (in the shape of a washer) and put in back on the bottom of the drive.....and VIOLA!! games a-joy!

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dam another double post sorry!
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imrinkrat: I got it from
It only took me about 5 min to do the swap, but I did already have the drive apart. It's a pretty simple process. Good luck, and if you need any help, I'd be glad to lend some advice.
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@PsiLizard your right!! gaming consoles look very hard to take apart but in reality are very simply and only take a few moments!!

best of luck!!

Hi all, need some help which I'm sure someone here can assit me.
I have a PS3 which won't read any disks. Having brought a replacement drive (complete laser assembly only, no external houseing or boards) which didn't fix it. Having removed the cover etc I can see that the disk spins and stepper motor (holds the lens) moves when a disk is inserted. Sometimes the drive stops spinning after 10-20 seconds and other times it just continues (normally with CD in). I get the blue LED on the console front panel to light which I believe indicates that a disk is inserted but I never get the 'bubble icon' on the TV screen. The same happens with both drives.
Is there a easy way to see if the laser are working?
What does the lack of the 'bubble icon' mean?
Is the controller board damaged?

Any help would be appreciated

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Originally posted by tripplite:
@PsiLizard your right!! gaming consoles look very hard to take apart but in reality are very simply and only take a few moments!!

best of luck!!
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