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CD/DVD Drive won't recognize certain disks..

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Hello.. I hear many have this same problem.. but mines a little more odd... here's the story, computer was running perfectly fine after purchase for a year or so, then it starts acting a little strange, really slow even though I've got a decent amount of memory, awesome video card, etc. so I reformat.. and oh after I reformat all hell breaks loose on my E: drive, won't recognize disks AT ALL, so assuming something went wrong in the formatting process, I format again, this fixes some of the errors, some disks are recognized not others (mainly games will work) so I uninstall and reinstall the drivers for my E: drive, and now most games and some DVDs are recognized instantly, others after several tries, and then there's other disks that won't be recognized at all one day, and then recognized the next. It's almost as if my E: Drive is choosing what it wants to play... I know the drive isn't screwed, the disk spins, the lights comes on etc I even had my computer professionally cleaned about 3-4 months ago.. is there any way to fix this without getting to the inner workings on my computer? Such as switching plugs, and all that fun stuff. If it comes down to that, I'll leave it up to the pro's but I don't want to pay 40$ to have some guy install a simple program on my computer.. if you know what I mean...I'd rather know if I can do it myself.. please help, I am very frustrated after three days of a constant battle with this thing. Thanks in advance.
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After you reformatted and reinstalled windows did you load all your motherboard drivers mainly chipset drivers did you put any service packs back on is dma enabled for your DVD drive look in device manager what operating system or we referring too? Windows xp pro?
Got all my updates, have service pack 2.. not sure how to check in Device manager if DMA is enabled (I went to properties of the drive and couldn't find anything) I have windows XP home edition, I did have problems loading drivers earlier but have since fixed that problem. This is very frustrating considering it's only certain disks my drive can't recognize.. like I said before, has trouble with some games and all TV-Show DVDs I try to play, as well as burned DVDs it has trouble recognizing, even though they worked about 3 days ago.. and now.. nothing. No major software changes either that could cause some sort of.. conflict.
The reason your computer was running slow would have nothing to do with your DVD burner usually spyware viruses and defragmented hardrive etc a pc is like a car needs regular maintenance does you dvd burner read store brought DVD’s is it only copy’s it has trouble with if this is the case could just be the brand of disk what brand are they verbatim etc are recommended read some of the threads on AD for recommendations to check if dma is enabled
Start-control panel-system-hardware-device manager-+ide controllers-secondary controller double click- advance settings see what current transfer mode is set at
If unsure how to apply dma if its not already enabled just right click the secondary control and choose uninstall and restart computer then go back and see if its enabled
If you’ve got you burner on the primary controller just do the same as above
DMA was enabled unfortunately.. so that's not the problem.. Funny thing.. I brought my computer into futureshop, they found nothing wrong, but also mentioned they cleaned the drive which could have been causing the problem. I brought my computer home and now my drive won't recognize ONLY TV-SHow DVD's (Store bought ones) My boyfriend tried one and got some sort of copyright error or something when trying to play the disk in windows media player (I didn't see the error, he told me about it)... so now I'm thinking this is a software/security issue with windows xp. Could I be correct? But I can't quite figure out how to fix it.. I think it's possible one of the updates microsoft offers disabled my computer from reading these types of disks.. still could use a little help here... thanks. :D
What region is your DVD player set at? Go into device manager and double click it and look at the region settings are you from across the pond “America” if yes it should be set at region 1 you can change the setting only 5 times then its locked too the last change setting might explain why it reads only some disk’s if you are trying too watch say a UK pal disk the link below is a program that’s lets you put your dvd player in region free zone read about it and try it haven’t used it for a few years now don’t buy region 1 dvd’s any more.
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