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GTA VCS Cheat Device V2.4 HELP!

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Hi! I'm trying to put the GTA VCS Cheat Device on my psp. I have CFW 3.71 M33-4. I'm trying to put on V2.4 of Cheat Device. First i make the folder SEplugins in the root of the memory stick. Then i put the file vcscheatdevice371.prx into the SEplugins folder. Then i make a new text file called game.txt and in it write"echo vcscheatdevice371.prx"(without the ""). The problem i'm running into is that when i go into the recovery menu i enable the Plain Modules in UMD/ISO then when i go to the plugins option nothing is there exept for the back button. I dont know what i'm doing wrong. Please help me. I wasn't very familiar with some of the terms in the readme file.
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do a folder named "seplugins" instead of SEplugins without "" and do a game.txt as you did but write there


if you have the vcscheatdevice371.prx in seplugins folder.

and, where the hell you heard that "echo" thing?

I saw the echo thing in the read me... I didnt know if i was supposed to write it or not.
There still isn't anything in the plugins menu... I dont know whats going wrong...(Sorry for the double post)
well, heres little "guide"

get your psp with usb connected.

then in your psp's "root" not in any folder, get a folder and name it seplugins.

then get the vcscheatdevice371.prx in seplugins folder.

then write a game.txt in folder seplugins and write there:

then you can close the usb and get to recovery menu and enable the plugin.

if theres more problems i wrote this from memory so post more.

edit - file structure

----------------game.txt (and there is a line: ms0:/seplugins/vcscheatdevice371.prx)
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What do you meen there is a line? and thats exeactly what i did but i'll try again.
It still doesnt work... I dont get why this is getting sooo complicated for something htat seems so simple to set up...
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