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How to finalize CD after burning

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I've googled on this but i didn't find any conclusive answer. As in the title i would like to know how to finalize a CD after burning. Is there any program I can use maybe?
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I think if you cd not finalize,you can use other program like nero
to close cd,but why not close cd after burngin at once?

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Naaa Suspended account
I don't think i can finalize an already burned CD with Nero. I least I didn't find any meny or option to choose for that. When I burned the CD's I din't know that it didn't finalized it at once, I saw that later when I was trying to play the CD on my player.

But I want to save my burned CD's and make them readable, can you finalize later with any other program?

Anyway, do you have any tips of any easy program, that I can use for the next CD's, to burn audio CD with that you can include finalize at once?
1:if cd use TAO mode write should can finalize later,but I not sure nero can do it.if you want to finalize it,I have to write a special program to do it. so you must wait!
2:My software should can do this job,CD MP3 Burner download from,it support TAO and DAO Mode write,also all will finalize it at once. so you can play with like car cd stereo player.

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Naaa Suspended account
1. I don't know which mode the CD's are written in, but as you wrote, i want to find a program and see if it can finalize after.

2. Thank you for the tips, I'll use that next time.
I know this is a really old thread, but i was having the same problem and found a program that can finalize after the burn.

DRUM ROLL....... ImgBurn (option is under tool>drive>close)

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banditxkr, I am curious, what would you be going with a CD that you wouldn't do in a session? I can't even think when I ever did a multi session DVD. I don't burn till I am ready.
i wasn't mutisessionin at all actually, i was just using a burning program that didn't finalize with the burn. (I'd never even heared of a program that didn't finalize untill this program)

"My train of thought left the depot with no cargo."
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