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Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum - DVD import media problem VOB file

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I have used the Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 7.0 version to make my first DVD project. Now a year later, I can't seem to import a whole 1/2 hour DVD into the project. The DVD files are labeled TS and when I click further into the file it's a VOB. My previous project showed my viseo files as MPG. I am using the same DVD camera to aquire my footage, why are my file extensions different? I went from usinf RW mini DVDs to R- mini DVDs. could this be the issue? When I download the mini DVDs into the Movie Studio program, I can get the title page with the photo tiles and I can get about 15 secoonds of the beginning and then some portion comes up in the middle of the DVD, but never all the frames of the DVD! I'm going crazy! Does anyone know what I need to do? I'm not too familiar with movie making, but if someone tells me what the problem is, I can work through it.

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Hello, VOB and MPG are almost the same. VOB are the files as found
on the dvd. - whether commercial or authored by yourself.
In fact, they are similar.
If you rename a file from *.vob to *.mpg
it will play just fine media players.
I'm not able to change the file extension. When I go into the file folders, there is only about 6 minutes of a 30 minute DVD listed in two separate files. What's weird is my QuickPlay will play the entire DVD. I just can't see the separate files for all the chapters when I go into My Computer and click on my E: drive (DVD drive.) Maybe I should try copying the DVD and then see if the copy will show all the files for the entire video.

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