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Best CFW for PSP Slim

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I have received PSP slim with CFW 3.71 M33-2 as a gift and I love it. I have noticed that some of my games don't run. I ripped a game that I bought from a UMD onto a card and I've noticed that the it loads and plays faster than the UMD, thus why I love this aspect of the PSP. For some reason, some of the games that run great on my friends older PHat PSP (same CFW) won't run at all on my slim Psp. I've tried all the recommendations on this forum that I could find, but for some reason the game will play for a bit and then freeze or not work at all. My question is this, what is the best CFW to use to get MOST of the games to work. I figured that I would just update my firmware to the newest one (the largest number????) and I hope that this would take care of my problem. I do realize that not ALL games work on all CFW, but I was hoping that a majority of people on this site can say which is the most stable CFW to use. Thanks for any advice.
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3.71 is as stable as any - Although i use 4.01 and have had no problems at all. Same applies for 3.90 M33.

What memory card are u using is it a genuine one? I am assuming that other games run without problem.
Which 3.71 version do you recommend? Or do you personally recommend 4.01?

To answer your question, I'm using a 8 gb micro schc card in a Pro Duo adapter...I read online that this is possible, and since it was 30 dollars, cheaper than a sony pro duo card, I thought I would take a chance. Total cost including adapter for me was 53 dollars.

I have ordered a new Sandisk 4 gb card to try but until then, I thought I would ask around to see what everyone thought was the best CFW to use.

I am also ordering a Pandora's battery to upgrade/downgrade to different firmwares to experiment which one is the best.

The funny thing with my slim is that some games work NO problem, but some just freeze up after the intial "load" up screen. In fact some games work fine a few times, then after a few plays, the game will freeze. The screen just freezes and I have to hold the power button down to shut it down. I guess I'll have to wait until I get my new card to do a true test. Thanks for your response though.
Hey man, I use 3.80 m33-5 because it is the most stable for Rjoy (playing my psp on T.V using wireless xbox360 controller through IRSHell) so with that being said i would look into the diff homebrew you intend on using the most and find the most compatible firmware for that specific cause. Most all specific homebrew readmes will tell you the most stable.
you are not quiet sure u need a pandora's battery as u are already running custom firmware ,maybe u could "panadorize your own" ,unless ur psp's motherboard is not capable of that

also you should consider using umdgen to clean up ur umd-rips
and u should consider the fact that maybe the problem is with the rip not the psp ,also u seem like a newbie so watch it while upgrading u don't wana put sony's firmware there
Thanks for the late response, but thanks for the help.

First, yes, I'm a Noob...just got my PSP less than a month ago, but love this damn thing cuz I can play some games that you can't buy anymore..emulators are cool!

Second, I've gotten my new official Sandisk pro duo card and have confirmed that it's the card. I guess the micro sdhc cards with an Pro Duo adapter doesn't work. I guess it's worth the extra moolah to buy a real one to offset any headaches.

Third, I guess the biggest thing that confused me about all this CFW stuff was the pandora battery. I thought you needed it everytime you upgraded or changed your CFW, but now I know that I don't need it after all, after the first change that is.
As it is, I found a seller that sold me a Pandora's battery for $15.00 and I got it in less than a week. I was able to convert my CFW to 3.8 for now and I was able to change the firmware on my girlfriends new PSP as well, so I guess it was worth it.

One thing, you mentioned that I want to be careful and not put Sony's Official firmware there. What do you mean????
i meant that you don't make a mistake while updating m33 and boot the sony update not the m33 eboot ,and then u'd end up with a sony firmware psp
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