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PS2 games take FOREVER to load... help plz

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ok, I was playing a backup copy of Resident Evil 4. Everything was goin fine, then 20-30 minutes later, the game was loading a screen.. and it kept loading! I waited for a long time, then I just ejected the game. but now my PS2 is doing the same thing for all of my other PS2 games!

I tried putting in some other PS2 games, it would boot up the Playstation 2 logo, and would check for memory card and even show the intro videos and menus.. but once I click on "start game", it would take FOREVER to load, wtf is goin on?

It only does this for my PS2 games that need a load screen. Games that don't have load screens seem to work fine. All of my PSX games seem to work fine too..

I think I fucked up my laser or something :( cuz it seems to only happen with games that have intense graphics.
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How old (what model) is your PS2? Cause to me it sounds like the laser is on the way out.
Also, when you said "other PS2 games" take ages to load, are these originals or backups?

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