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Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra 40GB transfer help?

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I have an old (circa 2004) Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra 40GB that I'm trying to get my music off of. I lost the mediasource cd and my current computer doesn't have it installed. Apparently you can't just plug it into a computer and copy data as if it were a usb drive (that would be far too simple).

After much searching I downloaded & installed the usb driver so now I can view all the mp3 files on the nomad but when I right click on files, I can only do Delete or Properties and no cut/copy etc. I downloaded & installed mediasource version 5.10.38 but when I try to transfer I get the message "no creative mp3 player is detected, please connect and try again".

My computer is a WinXP SP2, w/ windows media player 10 (not 11). At this point I just want to want to get my music off this thing. Suggestions?
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i've got the exact same issue. hope to get an answer shortly....
Interestingly, I am able to push mp3 files from my computer to the Nomad using Windows explorer, and the Nomad shows the new files in the library (on the Nomad itself) and it even plays them. Yet I still can't pull files off the nomad.

So far, Ive tried installing these 2 versions of the driver [from Creative's support-downloads page(s)]


and in both cases it's the same thing - can't Transfer via mediasource and can only delete when browsing the nomad via windows explorer. I guess I'll look for other drivers to install and try them?

My old DiscMan and a fat case of cds doesn't look to bad right now...
I can MediaSource to transfer...albeit for short amounts of time. If i try to transfer multiple folders/playlists it will get hung up on something to the effect of "insufficient disk space". In fact, after a few times of just transferring one folder at a time it will do the same thing.
Can I ask which drivers you installed? I cannot find anything that seems to work with this mp3 player and vista. Any suggestions?
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