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Sandisk Micro SDHC in the PSP

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Just some info for those that care.

I just got a new PSP and did the CFW thing and proceeded to buy an official Sandisk micro sdhc card to use on my PSP. The reason I did this was because I shopping on ebay for a Sony Pro duo card and alot of sellers were selling these adapters so that you can use a micro sd card in your psp....I bought one along with an 8 gb micro card and I was able to save about 30 dollars over buying an 8 gb sandisk pro duo card.

Upon receipt, I verified that it was a legitimate 8 gb card (ran some tests and wrote almost 8 gigs of photo files to the card without a problem) and proceeded to upload some of my games to it. Lo and behold, most of the games kept freezing after the initial intro screens. I thought it was the CFW but after I bought another Original Sandisk pro duo card, confirmed that it was the micro sd card. I guess the psp doesn't work well with it.

Maybe others had good experiences with it, but I didn't. I wish someone had posted a warning about micro sd cards, but maybe I'm the first to have tried it. (Maybe I just didn't look hard enough in the forums) Maybe I just had bad luck, but maybe someone else can post a reply to this about their good luck or bad luck about it so others can avoid this mistake.

It just ain't worth saving 20-30 dollars, especially since I had to go out and buy another card anyway.

Hope some of you find this info useful.
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Your mistake was going out and making more purchases (ie an 8gb pro duo) without researching first and asking questions. Microsdhc has already been covered on this forum, you just had to search.

I've had mixed success - but my most reliable adapter (not the card, the cards are fine) was a generic I bought from Semsons in a kit for $11. That card is not advertised to work with 8gb microsdhc. But if you copy all of the files (including hidden system files) from an already formatted (in the PSP) pro duo - it'll work great. In other words, the adapter can't see or format microsdhc's in the PSP. But once you copy files over - it works great. I've used this adapter non-stop for the last 4 months or so with zero problems. My PSP froze once in that time, but it could have been anything.

I also had bought 2 adapters from dealextreme for about $7 each. One was Eagletec and the other was Kingston. Both could format a microsdhc in the PSP no problems - and had fast write speeds. But lockups like you describe happened too frequently.

So . . . if you have the right adapter, a microsdhc card could be the best choice for you. For me it is, because microsdhc is a lot more common and compatible with other devices. When I stop using the PSP - I'll keep using the card in something else.
I like your idea here, however when i tried it didn't work for me. ( i probably didn't do it right) Its weird because i have a 4gb card and it works fine but when i try my 8s they don't work at all. they work no problem in my pc but not in my psps (fat). any thoughts, is it the adapter? both 8s are toshiba and the 4 is sandisk.....
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