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Wii stuck at Health and Saftey Warning Screen!

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The screen should auto launch into the Wii Menu after a while. But if you haven't left it on long enough it might not have had time.

Have you tried re-synching the Wiimotes?

Press the RED button in the Battery Compartment of the Wiimote then press the RED Button in the SD Slot of the Wii.

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The wii was purchased on launch day and has worked like a champ since. But now when the unit is turned on it will freeze at the health safety warning screen. The A button icon shows quickly then does not reappear.I have tried the +&- to enter maintenance mode but it will not get past the screen.

There also has been a Zune dock hooked to the USB port for over 9 months. This has been removed during troubleshooting.

Anyone see this or had it, there is very little on this topic that I have seen so far.

Wii 3.2u
Wiikey 1.9s
Sony Media

OK that is odd. How did my post end up at the top? LOL it says I posted an answer before you asked it. WOW I must be Psychic.

Thanks for the reply, nice job on answering my question before I asked it.. ;)

I've tried resyncing with no luck. It sounds as if I may have to send it into service. The screen has been left on for over 10 minute before I give up and turn it off.

Try unpluging it and taking the Battery out of the Wii for a few minutes then place the Battery back in and plug it in.

I have had it uplugged with out the battery and let it sit over night with no luck. Only the warning screen displays and the A button icon disapears right away. Loads and unloads disks but never gets to the Wii Menu.The WiiKey has been installed since 03/07 last update I did was for brawl.

Called Nintendo Support and they said that plugging the Zune in the USB port was not good or "real bad". I don't understand that as Nintendo has certified rechargable batteries and chargers that use the ports?..

Dang larrylje you really are psychic!

There have been some wacky threads here today - link

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