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Transfer a downloaded game to PS3

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How do I transfer a downloaded ps3 game to my ps3 to play? I know it can be done, I just don't know exactly how to do it. And so no one thinks I'm stealing things, the games can be downloaded legally.
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hey i heard about that too...
i know this sounds ridiculous but my friend's friend bought an HDloader hard drive from asia
he puts his downloaded games onto the hdloader and plays them on ps3
im trying to find out more about it too
Mmmmm.. I do not think this can be done and if it can I'd like to know about it!
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this sound interesting pm me if you figure it out.

This cant be done yet. We have been trying. If he did get it to work please tell us how because he succeeded where we have failed.
somehow i think if that had really happened it would be all over QJ and here as well. you sure tht was on a ps3 and not a ps2? i mean if your friend did do that, hit him up for info cuz i think we'd all love to know how to do that lol. no seriously we would.. lol
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