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psp external harddrive

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kingstoon Suspended due non-functional email address
hello everyone, i want to connect me external harddrive to my psp i was wondering if i can do this:

buy one of these

and connect this to my psp

then connect my external harddrive to that wire. will that work. also do i need any apps to run the harddrive? thanks
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ok, have you done anything to your psp?? i ask, becuase that is exactly what you use, if you, were/have/might (of) dl'ed and installed any program (in the first place) to make a mms. if you 'have' done would know, you need just what you showed us. i am guessing you havent done this as.........your asking.

having said anytime you want to run you psp to the comp via the usb connection.....that is exactly what you use...a usb to psp your pic.

once connected...go to the psp..go to usb connection....and begin the usb connection. follow the 'on psp screen' instructions to do this.

your external hd is connected to your pc regardless. it can be accessed via the 'my comp' on your pc. so anything you do, with any other can do with the external hd. its just where its located.

whatever it is you want to do......once you should be able to do it.

kingstoon Suspended due non-functional email address
can i connect the hdd straight to the psp with that wire?
you can't use a external hard drive, by normal means. one person has stuffed a ipod hard drive in the umd tray, and used iRshell to access it. but it's unknown if iRshell was modified.

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got a whole lot more to list . . .
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