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Downgrade 4.05 firmware

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Kahoho Suspended due non-functional email address
Newbie here!!!
How can i use homebrew games to work on my psp v4.05?
Need detailed help please.
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Change your thread title to " Downgrade 4.05 firmware".

You need to get a custom firmware to run homebrew.

To downgrade (and get a custom firmware) or unbrick your PSP, u need the Pandora's Battery. There is three ways to get the Pandora Battery.

1. Find a someone who has a Custom Firmware that is willing to let you borrow their psp. You will use their psp to softmod the battery. Meaning using software to make the Pandora. If you willing to do this, follow this guide:

2. Hardmod the battery. Meaning that you have to open that battery up, and pulling out a pin. Note that if you pull the wrong one, your battery would be messed. If you are willing to do this, follow this guide

3. The most safest way, is to buy the DATEL tool battery. It is already a premade pandora battery. If so, follow this guide or use the same guide on the second step.

Dude...Don't even help people like this next time. You work way too hard here :). I don't think they deserve it. It's not being mean, it's just stopping the overflow of people asking the same repetitive question...
Or, if you want to help, direct them to a Pandora guide...
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Kahoho Suspended due non-functional email address
thanks mrgooey! had it successfully downgraded to 3.71 m33...tried downloading games and still can't play it. What else do i need to do?
are you putting them in the iso folder?

x:/iso/isoandcsofileshere.iso where x is the psp drive

also make sure the settings in recovery menu (Plain modules in UMD/ISO and Execute BOOT.BIN in UMD/ISO are both disabled.
Oh, and remember that your Configuration should be 3.71 kernel.
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