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scrubbed games?

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Ok I have seen alot of talk on many sites about scrubbed games. I would like to know what that means. I have also seen alot of no mod chip required stuff. Is there any truth to this?
thank you
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A bit of searching would have answered your questions but anyway...

A scrubbed game is a game that has been compressed with the scrubbing program. It removes the "empty" space from an .iso so you can make it smaller for downloading etc.

Later versions of wii scrubber also had the option of resigning the disc with trucha so some scrubbed wii games may not run on 3.3 wii's unless you run them through Gecko RF.

You don't need a mod chip to run the TP hack which would allow homebrew to run but you can't run backups without a chip.
I know this is an old post but being that when i did a google search for "what is a scrubbed game" this was the first thing that popped up I wanted too add a little as well as say thanks for answering my question... I have a 4.3 wii it has no chip and it does play backups... I dont know if this was possible when this was posted but i guess there are many advances in soft moding so just want to set that straight as i burned and played donkey kong country returns today... if you are interested in soft modding look for a guide called "Softmod Any Wii" by Maui Frog its a real good guide to get you started playing backups from DVD (if your system will play them){some newer systems will not read read regular dvd(from what i have read anyhow)} or from usb (which will be my next venture) the softmod gives you many different things that you can do with your wii including the use of Emulators for many different platforms even including playstation...
it doesnt take a chip to what most of us want to do with the wii just a little bit of time an sd card and either some dvd's or a usb drive and your all set... Happy gaming!!1

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