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how many MB can a 4.7gb DVD hold.

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When i use Nero it ALWAYS says my movie file is too big. Then asks if i want to reduce it to make it fit better on a single layer 4.7gb disc (I'm guessing that's DVD5)
When i hit yes the file is drastically reduced and the playback quality is horrid. I decided to play with Neros Recode a bit and see if i can ratchet down the file size manually and fill the entire DVD instead of the huge cut i've been getting. But i can't seem to figure out how many Megabytes can fit on my 4.7gb DVD's.

At first i recoded them at the obvious size 4700mb. It went over by like 950mb. So reduced that by 950mb....and it was still over by 950mb.

What's the biggest amount of MB's i can recode a movie to fill my 4.7gb discs?
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You can get roughly 4464 MB on a SL DVD-5. You can custom set it to 4400MB or4425 or even less. That way you're not burning too close to the edge. 4.7GB does not equal 4700MB. This is not like metric conversions.

Ok i've tried to recode 3 different times at 3900mb 4000mb and 4400mb. All of these sizes should fit my verbatim discs no problem but it would appear Nero adds to it somewhow and makes the recode bigger.

Is there another program i can use to manually compress the AVI down to just 4400mb?
I'm not sure that Nero Recode handles AVI files, not positive tho. Nero Vision is for AVIs.

google: auto gordian knot and download this free program for AVIs

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