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Wii CONSTANTLY freezing up.

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Here's how it started:

At first the news channel wouldn't work properly and a error comes which doesn't enable me to connect to wiiconnect24 (Even the everyone votes channel did the same)

Later on there were some issues regarding ejecting the disc, sometimes it wouldn't come out at all but after some resets it would.

Soon after wards Wii Kart started freezing up when being played on Wifi (We thought it was just a lag issue) However after that the wii simply kept freezing up after a small while upon start up.

I read through loads of forums and did the following:

1. Download new firmware
2. Open up maintenance menu
3. Delete internet settings to disable connection.

None of them had any effect, So disk or not disk my wii still keeps freezing.

Some guy was like Nintendo must have detected the modchip, blah blah blah (That can't be true right?)
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Its not the bin N detecting your chip, or it would say "modchip detected". Nintendo aren't into making wii behave strangely for fun !!

Sounds like a good old fashioned hardware failure, possibly overheating in some way, possibly a dry joint or something.

What chip do you have, have you checked the installation for bridging etc.

If you can't see anything obvious, you are probably looking at a trip to a pro.
It's a d2pro v9, and yes the wii was being overplayed (Like 6 hours constantly for a few days)
The channel issues could be an issue of not having WiiConnect24 disabled when installing the Modchip.

This could be the reason your having issues updating and using the channels.

You can try these steps HERE to see if it clears up the channels your having issues with.

As stated above make sure there are no bridging or cold solder joints that could be causing an issue. (If you recheck the Modchip make sure you turn WiiConnect24 OFF).
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Maybe it's a channel issue, i'll try the thing out.

As for the Modchip, I actually got a professional to install it so i don't really know much about it...
Hang on, channels not updating aside, does chipping with WiiConnect24 actually cause the FREEZING effect? Everything freezes and I have to pull the plug out.
Well, I advise my customers to leave the wiiconnect24 off, as when its on your wii never truely powers down and ive always personally figured this could lead to premature failure. But anyways the problem your describing really sounds like an overheating issue. 6 hours of constant play each day isnt insane but it might have caused a hardware failure.
So um, what should I do?
My wii is modded, I can't give it back to the store (gamestop) can I?
Nintendo will fix your modded Wii. Call them to confirm this. You lose your warranty and modchip and have to pay for repair/ replacement. They told me this when I was having drive problems and a news0000001 error. For some reason this happens sometimes when the drive has been tampered with or even professionally replaced. My Wii wasn't modded but wasn't the same after they replaced the drive. Every time they do a repair, even if the console is modded, you get an extended 1 year warranty. I got mine back in 3-4 business days each time, but they have a service center in my state. If you have these problems it usually leads to bricking. You can try formatting your system memory, but it will alienate all your saves. There are save dumping and installing tools for even uncopiable saves floating around so Google them.
Will I have to remove my chip beforehand? How much will it cost for repairs? Is there a service center in Bay shore, NY?
Remove your chip if you want to keep it, as they will certainly replace your drive if not your entire unit. They will keep your VC games downloadable. You will have to pay for out of warranty service, which is probably around half the price of a new unit but you have to ask as I don't know the exact price. I think there is a service center in Syracuse, NY, but it must be shipped which takes a day each way if you are in NY like I am. They usually keep it only a day or two so the best case downtime is 3-4 business days. They will send you a shipping label by email to print and bring to your local UPS or FedEx location. Call 800-255-3700 for customer service and tell them your problem. They will probably ask if it's modded while troubleshooting and offer to fix it out of warranty if it is. When you get the unit back it will be in warranty for 1 year or until you mod it again, whichever comes first.
Nintendo is real cool about repairs. When the Japanese N64 came out months before it did in America it cost my friend $600. I borrowed it and somehow glitched out the graphics. It almost ruined our friendship. When the USA system came out I was going to give him mine as a replacement, but then I had a better idea. I opened the unit with a gamebit screw driver and put his messed up motherboard in my casing and then set up a repair with Nintendo. They fixed it free and fast and when we got it back we made the switch again. Friendship saved!!
Oh okay, thanks a lot.

Half the price? Damn that sucks, i'll probably just leave it.
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