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Why does my download stop at 99.9%?!?!

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AAH! i need help! it shows that it is downloading, but the percentage doesnt finish. what is wrong?? thanks
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And this is to do with Wii's how ?
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Couple of reasons, could be there are no seeds or a fake file posted just to waste your time and bandwidth or catch you by the MPAA. Has it ever completed, just have to wait for a seed in that case. And use some form of ip blocker like PeerGuardian, not 100% but good.
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What does the torrent health number say?.. less than 1.000 is a waste of time.. this one probably says 0.999
Probably just one packet missing. If you have a client with a download and available bar you can check.. there will probably be one very small white band where the missing packet is.. In that case have a look at some other trackers, most public torrents are mirrored by more than one tracker (only use for isohunt.. they list all the mirrors). If you can find it then try downloading from a different tracker and overwriting the data (save to same location) where if it is really the same torrent it will just grab the missing data and finish. ;)
Does it play without being cut off near the end,i've come across that on occasions where an mp3 or whatever does'nt close but plays ok,if not then posts above have addressed what to do
I am with mistycat. it sounds like it is a fake upload...I'd say find another source for it.

I have found that this is simply THE BEST if you are looking for scanning and removing spyware and malware (especially those picked up through massive file downloading and sharing)
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