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Does anyone know how to use flashget properly, everytime i try to download a link it only downlods a 30kb file. What am i doing wrong?

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The site probably does not support download managers.
hard to tell what may be going wrong if you do not walk everyone through the process you use.

if its rapidshare that youre trying to use...dont even bother with flashget, use the official rapidshare download manager:
Hey poopoop, is it right what i'm hearing, that rS has lowered its dl limit to 4gigs from 10?

Flashget works just fine with Rapidshare as long as you set up flashget properly. Personally i like the Flashget Portable program.

and the limit depends on what type of account. The premium accounts still get 10MB. Not sure about the free accounts as i never used them, the wait time and limits are not worth it.
But if you search "rapidshare download limits" on google i am sure you will find some very interesting articles to help you solve the problems with the free accounts.

ok thanks steimy will do that!

i heard flashget has malware is there any truth behind that because if not i would like to use it
I have used it for several years and have never had any problems. So if there is truth to it then i have not been effected.

Not using flashget now could not get it working properly, just kept downloading 6.85kbs or something like that, so anyway i have got rs manager working and its pretty quick, not as fast as flashget but you cant have everything hey...

Originally posted by steimy:
I have used it for several years and have never had any problems. So if there is truth to it then i have not been effected.

ok thank you just wanted some feedbacl before i downloaded it
I am going to copy and paste this to make it quicker. I would just link you but it is in a forum section on another site which you would not have access to. But here is how to set up flashget with a premium RS account. All credit goes to Paddymail at Xtreme-Source.

Ok, this is a simplified tutorial on how to use some features of flashget with a rapidshare premium account.. for other file hosting premium accounts just alter the site manager part accordingly (step 1).
If you do not have the program, get it. I like the portable version found

. Firstly, change some settings in flashget so that they are similar to mine below... change any settings that differ from my own.. especially connection settings etc.

Ok, first go to Tools->options
You'll start at the general tab

Connection tab.. enter YOUR info here so as to make it work more efficiently.

Others.. just make it so that it's like mine.. unless you know better

Site manager - now this is where the premium account comes in handy.. select Add site

Enter the URL as I have for rapidshare... and check the login to server box.. and then enter your rapidshare account info in the boxes.. I have mine set to unlimited connections.. then click OK

Now we come to the dial-up settings.. I don;t know if anyone still uses it, but this is where you enter your settings for this.. I have mine set to never dial as I use broadband.

Right now you can click the OK button.

Now we can go to the Default download properties box (Tools-Default Download Properties)
Here I usually enter my login info and default download properties.. (you only have to do this once) I usually set mine to Manual so that I choose when to start it downloading... but for the purposes of this tutorial I have left them set as Immediate so I can show you that it works.

Now Save the default (Tools->Save As Default)

I would hope that you already know how to add the files but if not you take your mouse and highlight all of the Rapidshare links. Then do a copy with the right mouse button. In flashget go to Edit->paste URL and it should add all of your links to the download box. Then a box will pop up that should show the default download location you chose in the above steps along with your rapidshare account name and password. Once you press OK then they should begin to download.

Hope this helps.

Excellent tut steimy, will give it ago later...

Just make sure you enter the correct rapidshare address. As most people know there are two of them, and so it depends which one your account is at.

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