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unlock codes for Nokia 2610B

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Going to Europe in 2 weeks, need my phone unlocked please :) !!!

Model 2610b
IMEI: 011191006184489
ATT in US.

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BB5, ASCI11 and DCT4 PLUS;

We are unable to do these .

BB5 type phones such as 2600c,3110c,5200,5300,6085,
6280,6300,6500,6630, 6680,6681, 6682 or
any N-Series phones,N-70, N-90 or E series,E50,E60 etc
or Tracfones can not be unlocked by this method for
use with another Network. Not yet.

Only the original service provider can provide a code to
unlock them. Our Calculators can not do codes for these.

Be careful.
I understand that you only have three chances. If you
hard lock the phone by entering wrong codes, not even
the original Provider can unlock it by code.

These models cannot be unlocked as yet by this method.

Those below are ASIC 11 or DCT4 Plus

Our Calculators cannot generate codes for these.
There is computer software available and being developed
for new hardware that will unlock these.

ASIC-11 is a new type of lock.

ASIC 11 and DCT4 Plus examples.

1110i RH-93, 1112, 1112i, 2310, 2610.
(1600b V 5.01 RH-65)

1200, 1208, 1650, 2626, 2630, 2650, 2652, 2760.

The original service provider can provide a code to unlock them.
Should be doable by cable+hardware.

BB5, 6030 RM-225

Not doable by FREE means.
Only the original service provider can provide a code to
unlock them or a Professional Shop with Equipment
except the 6061 RH-98,
only your network can unlock this model.


For a full list.

Since we cant do it alone, we need each other.

24/7 Unlocking
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