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modbo4.0 - V7, red screen

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of all the posts ive read i now realize these chips are cheap garbage. but it should atleast work once? i have just installed this chip into a V7 and it will play originals wonderfully and i can get into the matrix config screen. but it wont play backups. they dont seem to have a website or anyone else having problems with these. im quite certain the install is good and im certain the media is good. the ps2 recognizes the disc immediatly and goes to the red screen and says to use a ps or ps2 game.

i have found a couple or posts and they are monkying with something called code breaker V10, what is this? do i need to flash this bios like a xbox chip? i have a matrix version 1.91 BIOS in there now and its the way it came.

anyone have any ideas what im doing wrong?
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It's funny. I just had this same problem with the last ps2 I modded which was a V7 and a modbo 750. I could get to the config menu, the logo would appear, but it just would not play backups.

Turns out I rushed the solder job and one connection was soldered to the wrong point.

Open her up and do the following...its best to be thorough now, then have to open her up 50 times.

1. Check that you hit the correct solder points on the diagram. One wrong wire could cause the problem your having. Also check continuity with the points surrounding each of the solder points on the diagram.

2. Take an ohm meter and check for shorts at the chip itself. Sometimes one wire can melt into another.

Bottom line, double check everything closely. Chances are you may have fumbled something up.
still nothing, it is s super clean install. it is still booting the original discs no problem. the only wire i did not connect is the "H" wire. im starting to think it might be worth hooking up just to see what happens.
can anyone tell me what codebreaker V10 is? what does it have to do with this chip?
i found this thread on another site and it seems to be a similar problem but i need to learn what codebreaker is.
can anybody tell me what G H and I terminals are for and which one need to be attached in order for the V& n american version to work. some websites are saying only one needs to be attached and some are saying all of them
Attach all of them. That's for sure your problem.
you are for sure right. it started working. im not sure why but the instructions from modbo say not to install terminal H unless you need to use it with a PAL situation and if your in north america to leave it off. im not sure why they do this because there is an option in the config screen to switch back and forth. anyway thanks for the help it seems to be working now.
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