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PSP keep asking "Do you want to quit game?"

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I recently installed CFW M33 3.90 on my slim PSP.
Everything is working so far, other than, while playing game (ISO or UMD), it keep asking "Do you want to quit game?" randomly.
I didn't hit the Home button. Some game, the left button AND the X button press at the same time will trigger the problem.
Other games, sometime the analog control would trigger the problem.
Upgrade to 4.01 M33 doesn't help either.
The Home button doesn't seem to be broken, because I can play music, photo, or videos are fine. I even install my PSP as a joystick,no problem here when using it as a joystick for my PC game.
I don't think the UMD is broken, as this issue surface right after I install CFW 3.90.

Any ideas how I can get around this issue?

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cb0635 Suspended due non-functional email address
have you dropped your psp recently? is there any dirt around the edge of the button?

I Do have the same issue too. Hopefully someone can help to solve this.
as cb0635 said it could likely be dirt around the home button just open the face plate up and clean it (note warrenty void)

or a similar problem i had was the umd drive being loose.

to check this just dont press anything and just shake the console hard and see if it pops up or take a umd out run a iso on one of the drives and see if it pops up.

if not then its dirt if it does then it could be the umd drive (just needs tightening

hmmm.. can't try now. PSP not with me. hmm but is unlikely. saw a few posting, ppl also encounter same problem.

Like the below youtube link.
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