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Can't convert SMT:Persona 3 FES from Codebreaker 7.0 to ARMAX

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Sorry for bad english...
I've got the promblem then i've try to play Persona 3 FES with cheats, but the codes here isn't enough, and some of then don't even work:
Well, then... I take a look for CB 7.0+ codes. OMG, It's all what I need to launch the game with this codes.
I use CB2crypt v1.3 to convert to RAW and then give a try to convert to ARMAX. The only cheat i wasn't able to convert is Master code(Enable Code). "INPUT ERROR: command cannot be converted to MAX. Code # 1" It says... Damn, is there any idea what I shoold do now? Please don't tell me "Give up" if there any chance to launch those cheats.

Game ID: 0A62
Region: USA

Key: 7C CD 29 39 4F 94 BE 02 92 6B EC 25 AB 1E 5F 4E CB E9 C5 9B
Elf: SLUS_216.21
(Both is correct for my game)

Enable Code (Must Be On)
90506658 0C14193E

All S.Links Max (Encluding JPN Writing)
10836276 00000A0A
40836278 00070001
0A0A0A0A 00000000

#Select+R2 Stop Time of Day , Select+L2 Start Time of Day
D07E0842 0000FDFE
2016f154 00000000
D07E0842 0000FEFE
2016f154 a064679e

If someone convert at least Master Code, I'll be very Gratefull (If I'm wrong with last word, then it means, I'll say "Thank You" for a hundreds times)
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I am not sure the procedure for converting those codes either.

Have you tried going to codemasters's project forums.
They have their own armax codes for Persona 3 Fes.
I have seen them there, or they could help you with converting them.
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My consoles: Nintendo64>Dreamcast aug/99>PS2 V7-Seagate 400gb hdd-Maxtor 300gb hdd,PS2 V14 FMCB 1.8 - Memor32 >V18 SM 3.6 >DS-Lite-G6DS Real 16GB-R4DS Ultra 8gb SDHC>Gamecube-Original>Wii-Wiikey 2>PSP PHAT CFW 5.00 M33-6>DSi (Kingdom Hearts Edition)-EZ Flash Vi - M3i Zero Sakura>Kindom Hearts:Birth by Sleep PSP 3000>PS3 80GB
I just tested the following on my game, and it seems to work fine. There is the occasional glitch, but I think that has more to do with the game not being designed to function the way the code is forcing it to. Also, don't turn this on in the Tartarus or it will freeze up the game.

Enable Code (Must Be On)

#Select+R2 Stop Time of Day , Select+L2 Start Time of Day

All S.Links Max (Encluding JPN Writing)
I didn't try this one, but using the same conversion table, it should be as follows:

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