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GUIDE : How to Read PDF and TXT files in the PSP with Bookr

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This is a guide to use the homebrew application named BookR. This application is a PDF and a plain text reader for the PSP. BookR can also read Chinese, Japanese and Korean text files. To install these language packs, please look at the “Other Languages" section in this guide. THIS WORKS FOR SLIM AND FAT PSP.


1. BookR
2. A Custom Firmware PSP using 3.XX or 4.XX firmware.( I'll be using 4.01 M33). If you do not know what is custom firmware please start a new thread in the Mod and Firmware Section


1. Download BookR and extract the files into your desktop.

2. Connect the PSP via USB and place the BookR folder into the GAME folder of your PSP.

3. Start the application.

Pictures of BookR:

Reading a PDF

Reading a PDF - 90 degree turned


BookR support Chinese, Japanese and Korean Fonts. However, it must be installed into the program. This will take about 65 MB on the memory stick.

1. Download the file "" from here

2. Extract the file. It should come with four UCS2 files and eight .tff files.

3. Go to the BookR folder you just transfer to your PSP, and place all the files into the font folder.

4. You are done. You may have to enable it in the settings


Q: Can this read other documents?
A: Not that I know of. You can convert the documents into pdf.

Q: Why do I get an error when I try to start BookR ?
A: Check that you have custom firmware. This can ONLY run on custom firmware not official firmware (the updates you get from Sony). Your Game Kernel may get switched to 1.50, please follow this to fix it.

1. Turn off your PSP fully (by holding the power button)
2. Turn it on again while holding the R button
3. This should bring you to the Recovery Mode
4. Go to Config
5. Click the GAME kernel mode to 3.XX or 4.XX (where X is the number of your firmware)
6. Exit the Recovery Mode

Do not mess with the Recovery mode unless you know what you are doing.

Q: I get slow pictures when I open pdf files?
A: If the pictures are taking a while. Go to Settings and change the Fast Image.

Q: How come I can't see any text?
A: Not all text fonts are supported.

Thanks To:

carloscm (ccm304) - Creator of BookR
Edward Choh (edwardchoh) - Creator of BookR
Mr305 - For improving BookR and making it to 3.XX kernel support
nct2k - For working on the BookR to the version 8.1
Afterdawn Forums - For letting me post this guide

My Other Guides

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Wow, very nice guide. I kinda figured out how to use mine
on my own. My only problem was that the backround was black
and the words were yellow and the screen was tilted
so you had to hold your psp vertical. Thanks for the guide
it really helps. Thanks everyone who contributed.

~Sincerely Stili ::)

Weird history of my psp especially the 2.0's lol...
2.72>2.71>2.70>1.50>3.40 OE-A>3.71m331-2-3-4>4.01m33-2
yeah ... i know it is easy. But, I see common threads about BookR problems and the installation of it. So, I thought this may help


Where is this GAME folder? Is it under the PSP folder(PSP/GAME)? In my PSP folder, there are GAME, GAME4xx and GAME150.

How do I launch the app in the PSP?
I've checked the GAME kernel and it's at 4.xx.
Just to add more info, I've a PSP slim running on 4.01 M33-2.
Do I need to install the 1.5 Addon kernel?
I'm confused with the various steps to install BookR and where exactly to put the EBOOT.PBP, the text file and where to launch the BookR app.
Appreciate any help thanks!
So... yes it does work on the 4.01 M33 firmware. Put the folder into the GAME folder inside the PSP folder.

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