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Format Secure Digital Card Fat32 or NTFS?

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13thHouR Suspended account
Other than NTFS having substantially higher overhead in terms of wasted disk space using the NTFS file system, is there any reason not to format a secure digital card to this format to enable use of compressed and sparse files ect?

Is it even possible?

can i do a; C:\> CONVERT H: /fs:ntfs

"H" being the drive to covert, de da de da.
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Normally have two format options - FAT or FAT32 (right click on properties).

I use FAT option for SD cards.
13thHouR Suspended account
@ colw

thanks for the reply but i was enquiring if it is possible to convert SD to NTFS.

The 16gig card i have is already FAT32 but the file structure has its limitations and wanted to know if it was possible without damage to convert to the NT format.
I don't see any wasted space with NTFS. Due to the differing versions of 'Gigabyte' (i.e. a GB being 1000MB on the card, but 1024 in any file system) a 16GB drive will turn out to be 14.9GB or so in NTFS, 14.7 in FAT32, and obviously FAT32 can't store files bigger than 4096MB.
I don't know whether you can convert from FAT32 to NTFS on the fly, but you should be able to run the card in NTFS from a clean format at least.

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