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Recommended blue-ray player software for PC

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Can anyone recommend a decent blue-ray player for the PC? I've tried WinDVD 9 Plus Blue-ray and PowerDVD Ultra Deluxe 7.3 but have had problems with both.
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Arcsoft Total Media Theatre.

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I use Cyberlinh Power DVD version at Least V 7.4 to V 8
I'll second ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre. I previously used PowerDVD for quite some time and as soon as I started using TotalMedia Theatre, I have never even thought about going back.

It's a very stable media player that doesn't hog system resources like PowerDVD can. It has HD audio decoding (DTS-HD MA/Dolby TrueHD) support too.

If you are using Windows Media Center, TotalMedia Theatre will also run as an add on through Media Center so you can play your DVD's/Blu-ray/HD-DVD's straight from there.

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