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imgburn - what does the read speed need to be set at

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hi ,

i use imgburn alot and i have seen the read speed going as high as 14 x , i have it set at max which is the default setting for video and 8x for audio . is that ok or do i need to slow the read speed down to a lower speed . i didn't know if the read speed needed to be slow or does it matter quality wise , i have a optiarc ad - 7200s nec/ sony i guess dvd burner and i was worried that the read speed may be to fast , many thanks
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It's best to set the speed for 1/2 of what the speed is on the disk or less. If 16x, burn at 8x, 6x, or 4x. The slower you burn, the less chance for errors.
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RTM bro, the OP is referring to the Read speed. :)

Theoretically, your burner can Read with less stress than it takes to Write. Therefore your read speed can be higher than your write (burn) speed. I however never leave anything at Max. Mine is set to 10x and i've never had a problem with it.

Think I was half asleep when I read the post bro. I know I went to bed just after. Yeah, I haven't used imgburn to read many disks...think I have mine set to 10x or 12x.

Thanks for waking me up bro!!

I leave mine set on Max and the drive determines the best speed. If I get read errors I reduce the speed to let the drive read the media better, there is no golden rule here just what works best for the given situation.

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