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NEC DVD+RW ND-1100A reading not writing

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I had disabled the driver and later enabled it through device manager but now my NEC DVD+RW ND-1100A wont write anything. is there something i can do to get my burner back on track. im only trying to burn audio cds and i have tried to burn with itunes WMP and CDBurner XP none of the programs work with the drive
thanks TRIX
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varnull Suspended account
It's an antique, and I'm not surprised in the least that it no longer burns. I thought they were all extinct TBH.

Try burning a dvd with imgburn (not that drm laden primitive stuff you are using) and see what happens.
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That drive is indeed from Victorian times. I used to always recommend upgrading 1100A's (via firmware) to be a 1300A (just to wring a little bit more life out if it), however looking at this one link i used to recommend, the link itself is 2 years old now -

..could well be that the drive just wants to go meet it's maker..

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varnull Suspended account
Liggy and Dee on cd freaks do the firmwares. Their links are still active but haven't been updated for those series drives in over 4 years.

I really think it's a gonner.. but they have given good service for the last 6-7 years. (last one I saw fully working was 3 years ago.. it's here.. dead in a box.. just clicks)

If it's still reading keep it around.. because it's always useful to have a cd/dvd rom drive.. especially an ex burner, because they can read subchannel data and it will allow "on the fly" copies. AND you can have a practice at flashing firmwares with it.. No loss if it goes wrong.

I'm a great lover of the older NEC drives.. long life, reliable.. maybe not the absolute best readers or burners, but stable good burns time and time again for years and years.. outlasting most others.. Probably why the ND-3550 is still 10 more than the others... I bought mine to do xbox games.. and after 4+ years and probably 10,000+ burns I can say it was 10 extra very well spent.

Why not play with it a bit.. one last blast at burning a disk with nero, then post the log so we can have a look-see at how and where this one has gone wrong (it might not be the laser.. possibly the focus servo) Windows machine in the house.. may do a nero quality scan with my oldie later.
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