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VOB vs AVI quality

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So I have been researching standard DVD quality and VOBs. It sounds like a VOB is just an mpeg2 file with 720x480 resolution(480p)? When you convert VOB's to AVI there is a resolution choice of 720x480 (DVDFAB).. So why do VOB's look better than AVI's (I know about compression, etc. but if the file size is the same and res is the same then why aren't they the same)? Given that a VOB is just an mpeg2 file I tried deleting a .VOB extension and renaming it .MPG. The file played on windows media player (it wouldn't as a VOB) but with a strange result. Thoughts? thx
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The AVI is a further compression of the mpeg source - that's why the quality is less.
WMP doesn't list .vob as a choice, but if you select 'any file' it will be selectable and - if an mpeg2 codec is installed - will play the file.
Thanks Attar. I am using Ulead Video Studio to edit a DVD home movie and I want to convert the DVD files into the highest resolution possible before I start the editting process. Ulead will not edit VOB files without downconverting...
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If you want to edit dvd's you need "videoredotvsuite". Thats all I use for editing DVD's (vob's).
It does the editing directly on the Vob's with frame accuracy. And when it saves after editing it does it without reencoding. The quality is the same as the original. I use it to edit out scenes in movies.

All the other DVD editing programs have to do reencoding and have problems maintaining audio sync. Anytime you do any reencoding you lose quality.

If you want the best quality in AVI, you need to use the h264 codec. That will give you near DVD quality. You can use avidemux to edit AVI's with frame accuracy and no reencoding.
Thanks Jony. I downloaded ffdshow so that I would have the h264 AVI codec. DVDfab does a good job of converting DVD's to AVI. I am a little bummed that Ulead will not edit vob's though.
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