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my 40gb ps3 freezes when trying to load a game

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it reads it and shows the icon then it displays a black screen
it was letting me play for a bit then freezing about 15 mins into gameplay, i have tryed it on a few dif games and same results
any help ?
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How old is the ps3?
I had the same prob, a few months ago. All my games, and the internet did it.
Try this- take a vacuum hose, slowly, but on high, suck out all the vents all the way around the ps3. this will clean out all built up dust inside, which is prolly overheating your ps3. That is exactly what happened to mine, I spent five minutes sucking it out, and it worked like a charm. Now I do it once every two weeks (my ps3 is ALWAYS on). Learned that trick from computers, they overheat and freeze, suck the dirt out.
14 months, i will try this il let u know it goes, thanks for the tip
nah didnt work, i think it myt be the disk reader
hey guys i really need help i cant quit ps3 game during gameplay. like when i am playing and i want to quit the game when i press the ps button the xmb menu freezes and i cant quit the game even i cant see the icons like videos music network etc etc and when i quit the game while holding the ps button. the game wont go to the xmb. it just freezes and i have to poweroff the game. i really need help.
yea mine does that also, does yours play games fine and not freeze when playing ?
This happened with me and GTA IV, and what i had to do was Disable my Internet Connection. So i did that, restarted, and everything was fine. Then i re-enabled it right after i was done playing and re-started it again and had no problems since.
well i have master reset it so it wipes all data so the internet connection went with that and still no luck
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