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dvd2svcd 1.2.3+TMPGEnc+Sonic Scenarist

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Hi to everyone in the forum,

does anyone to know if I can use TMPGEnc Xpress v4 (the latest build) with dvd2svcd 1.2.3 build 1?
I read somewhere that the only I can use with dvd2svcd is this one: TMPGEnc-2.524.63.181-Plus-EN-Installer-DL.exe. Is it true?

My second question is: is it possible to use Sonic Scenarist v4.2 in dvd2svcd 1.2.3 build1? or the only one that will work is the 2.7 version?

Thanks, Stefano.

Just in case, where I can download Sonic Scenarist 2.7
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You can check out the resellers of the product. Check out this link:

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Hi mate,
thanks for your the answer. I'm running in another problems.
I was trying to make a SVCD from a DVB(pva) file.
Hear is my log:

- 10/16/2008 11:24:40 PM
- PVA to SVCD Conversion
- PVA2SVCD ver. 1.2.3 build 1
- C:\Documents and Settings\stefano\My Documents\My Videos\Capture\Video\ITALIA1.pva
Initializing finished.

Saving PVA Job:
- C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\PVA_Job.txt

Executing PVAStrumento. Commandline:
"C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\pvas21017\cmdshell\cPVAS.exe" "C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\PVA_Job.txt"
- 10/16/2008 11:24:55 PM
- DGIndex
Creating DGIndex INI file:
- C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\dgindex\DGIndex.INI

Variable settings:
iDCT_Algorithm: 32-bit SSE MMX

Executing DGIndex.
Executing DGIndex. Commandline:
"C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\dgindex\DGIndex.exe" -CS=2 -YR=1 -OM=0 -EXIT -OF=[C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\DGIndex_Project_file] -IF=[C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\ITALI_1.vob]
EFOpenError Cannot open file "C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\DGIndex_Project_file.d2v".
The system cannot find the file specified

Could you explain me WHY? Of course I have no "DGIndex_Project_file.d2v" in Movie folder... but why?

Hope you can help me.
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