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DVD player with USB(2) support that can play mkv and other high def files? Recommendations please.

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We have a Philips DVD player right now with USB1 support, that we have an external 500gb hard drive attached to and use as a media center with .avi files of TV shows we download.

We recently got an HDTV and have noticed the degradation in image quality due to the low resolution of the .avi source.

When we attached this TV to the computer and played .mkv files in 720p we downloaded, the image was beautiful, so we would like to be able to play those off a hard drive attached via USB to a DVD player.

So... is there a DVD player with USB(preferably USB2) support, that can play .mkv, and other high def files?

Thanks for your recommendations.
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I have been looking for an answer for this for months. I know that you can do it through a PS3 but I have a similar deal setup and having the ability to play .mkv files would be epic.
any1 please answer to the Q asked by mark9977
i also have the same dilemma
how to play the tv shows we download that will be in 720p .mkv format?
there seems to be no dvd player with USB that supports this format.
otherwise can we convert 720p .mkv format into divx or xvid or avi with the same picture quality?
You can try some digital Multimedia Players like the TViX. Its not a DVD player, but it can play .mkv files from storage such as USB and HD.
The Western Digital WD TV box basically does everything your talking about doing. It can play basically any video file you throw at it inclding high definition MKV 720p files. I personally tested this item myself and was thuroghly impressed. It has a HDMI output for the TV and also has an optical out jack so that you can connect to a home theater system. It's also firmware upgradable so that they can keep adding support.

just basically attach you external HD and that's it. Also the interface is pretty nice and you are able to browse and skip any video file like if it was a DVD.

I think you can only get it a Best Buy, here's the link:
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