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Best blank media?

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I'm sure this has come up in the past before, but what is the best blank media. For DVDs and CDs. Just curious.
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Originally posted by unkempts:
I'm sure this has come up in the past before, but what is the best blank media. For DVDs and CDs. Just curious.

I believe it has, so to avoid repeating a thread, why don't you put 'best blank media' in that big old 'search' box ^^^^^ up there...

PS There's also a whole section below that deals with Media...
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TAIYO YUDEN would be the correct answer

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Second Zoso.
To the OP, read around a little bit. You'll find Taiyo Yuden pops up as the most common answer.

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The top 3 in the appropriate order
1.Taiyo yuden
2.Verbatim 16X+
3.Sony 16X+
Did you know that sony uses ty's for their discs. They brand their name on them. Ive had a few. Anybody got a scan of a PREMIUM ty they can show me. I just scanned a valueline and it is one of the best scans ive ever seen. Is premium line REALLY worth it?
omegaman7- The difference is fairly simple All of taiyo Yudens media with the same media codes and surface type ( Thermal Printable ) , ( Inkjet printable ) ect... are The same coming from the same plant/plants ? A thermal Printable ( Silver Shiny's) Value line and A thermal Printable ( Premium Line ) let's say start out from same production lines Taiyo Yuden Test These Disc and with a Hi-tech Machine that most of us neither will have nor be able to afford ! Those achieving a certain score in those measurements are Graded as premium and those that don't reach that point score are graded as Valueline ! - Let me assure you that Valuelines are'nt deffective Premiums or Taiyo Yuden rejects ! They just don't meet the extra high standards that Taiyo yuden set's for their premium line !The Best analogy I heard that explains this is Two students take a Test The first student makes 100 on the test ! The Second student makes a 96 Is the 1st student really that much smarter than the second ? The Upshot is You pay's your money and win either way ! I've used Taiyo yuden Valueline's with great success ! I've also used Taiyo yudens sold under The Fuji Brand name = ( Nearly extinct now ) and also under The sony brand name as well ! with Much success as well ! Personally it's a cost issue for me ! If I can get Taiyo Yuden Sold Under It's own brand name online or under the sony Brand name locally for the same price or cheaper than Verbatims or Sony MediA Bought locally Then I'd probably Go there !!! The thing to think about !!! is if ordering online Get free shipping if you can ? if Shipping cost makes your bargain not so much a bargain why bother ? if you can get a better deal locally ? I think you prolly be happy with the Valuelines - Unless you want or need to pay Extra to know that you have the Best Possible media and Like it shipped in a Cakebox / Spindle-tub? ( Premiums Come in a cakebox ) {Valuelines Come in tapewrap/shrinkwrap? } like some ritek media !!! if that's important to you ?This is not an absolute though as I have also seen premiums offered in tapewrap! I reuse my empty cakeboxes from other Media and save the planet & money at the same time ! I don't think you can go wrong with either Valueline or Premium but the finally Choice rest with you My friend Good luck and Happy Halloween !!!!!!!!!
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1000+ burns (Valuline Tapewrap) :) I love supermediastore. Though meritline is also good. Anyway... Check out this freakishly low failure count.

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Old thread but if anyone sees it then here is my 2 cents as of 2012

TY'S always ... best dvd5 out ... oh and i am a fan of supermedia also

And the search box does not show anything for "best blank media" ... altho i have seen one some time ago .. different name ...
I always use Verbatim (made in Singapore of course), never had a problem with those Verbatim. Maxell is a decent cheap selection. Haven't tried Taiyo yuden, and will never again buy Memorex.

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