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best ps3 postion?

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what is the best position to keep you ps3 at?

laying down or standing up?

whoch one gives you better air flow? and which position will not mess up your discs
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horizontal runs cooler. although i have mine vertically, its more aesthetically pleasing!

lol this is stupid but horizontal means str8 up correct not the laying down postion.
horizontal means laying down, vertical is standing.
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Also make sure you have a good amount of clearance around the intake and exhaust vents.

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Reznor, what am I supposed to be seeing when I look at those pictures? They don't necessarily compare the same vents when placed horizontally/vertically. It seems to me like the unit runs about the same in both situations.

...yes? No?
yea, i agree. there are too many variables for a definitive answer. although if you look at the 2nd picture when its standing vertically the hottest point is near the power switch at 55.69C and compare that point to the 3rd and 6th pictures where in the same area the temperature is around about the 53C and 32C mark respectively.
To me it makes no difference as long as you have good ventilation around the console then there wont be any problems.
what makes me laugh is that the xbox 360 power pack is hotter then the whole ps3 in the 6th picture!
i would like to know what position would be best for discs in the long run though, arguably there must be more strain on the magnets in the vertical position.

NinReznor im liken those pics the best answer anyone could give to the question

Idont get how it gets hotter while standing up, anyone care to explain?

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Originally posted by zooom1834:
Idont get how it gets hotter while standing up, anyone care to explain?
Pretty easy really, it's all about surface area, and remembering that hot air rises

In the vertical position you have a very small surface area even though the vent is there there are components inside which are blocking most of it. So the hot air gathers at the top and heats up the PS3. Because of the lower surface area the rate at which it disipates heat is a lot slower.

in the horizontal position, there is no vent on the top but the surface area is about 5 times greater than the vertical one. So the heat is spread over a larger area which means overall the temperature of teh surface will be a lot less. Again the greater surface area means that it will disipate the heat faster as well. Another advantage with the horizontal position is that the hot air is distributed more evenly over the PS3, in the vertical position all the hot air is gathered at the top.

So there you are, you can either go for the space saving vertical option at the expense of a slightly hotter PS3, or the cooler PS3 at the expense of needing more space.
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Great explanation, also on the 40/80GB versions when the console is standing the vent at the top is bringing air into the system so the fan is working against the hot air rising.
On the 20/60GB versions that vent is an outlet, the intake being the holes at the front that the 40/80GB models don't have as they changed the heat sink design.

Not to throw a wrench into this or anything, but when it's standing up vertically, you WANT the hottest point to be at the exhaust, that means it's getting the heat away from the internal components. To me, vertical (with the exhaust vent at the power switch end) to be pointing upwards.

How much difference it really makes is definitely up for debate, however. You could always pick up one of the clip on intercoolers for the system which can help in some instances. However, the two biggest variables for a PS3 are, as others have said, good ventilation around the unit and the ambient room temperature. If you keep it in an enclosed entertainment system or in a very hot room, you're asking for trouble (just as you would with a PC, ventilation, ventilation, ventilaTION!).

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